The Simple Life - Working the Ground

The Simple Life - Working the Ground


The Simple Life - Working the Ground


We have finally reached that time of year where the snow only holds for a few hours in the morning and a little thing called real life starts to rear it’s ugly head.  That’s right: summer.  I hate to say it but it’s on it’s way, and summer means work.  And lots of it.  We work because without it there would be no money for play in the winter.  Whether it’s landscaping, construction, farming, or do I dare even say a desk job, we all must come up with a way to fund our winter time fun.

D6 Caterpillar

The tool of destruction this spring: D6 Caterpillar

While there is still plenty of rad skiing to be had in the Eastern Sierra,  work started for me on Monday and this video offers a quick insight into a day in my overwhelmingly exciting life as a lima bean farmer  (please not that this is only Episode 1: Working the Ground.  Stay tuned for another immensely exciting episode, Episode 2: Putting seeds in the Ground to come in the next few weeks)

GoPro Camera with dust on it

Conveniently it turns out the GoPro's case is also dust proof

According to the interweb (so this fun fact may have no validity whatsoever): In 2008, California’s 81,500 farms and ranches generated $36.2 billion products revenue. You’re welcome 😉

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