The last 20 short films produced by PYP. PYP's Dead Episodes are filmed in and around the mountains of Whistler, BC. PYP’s Dead Episodes -The last 20 | Unofficial Networks

PYP's Dead Episodes -The last 20

PYP's Dead Episodes -The last 20


PYP's Dead Episodes -The last 20


Local ski cinema company Progressive Youth Productions has been doing some work this year and has filmed a “Dead Episode” released every Tuesday since first snow. My favorite episode is Dead Episode 15. In 15, PYP films Eliel Hindert, Anthony Boronowski and Ingrid Backstrom as they ski some pillows off Whistler Mountain. Check out Episode 15 above and the 19 others below:

Dead Episode 9? -Can’t Find

PYP’s Movie from last year “Too Much Fun”



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