Powexplorer.com: AIARE - AVALANCHE 1

Powexplorer.com: AIARE - AVALANCHE 1


Powexplorer.com: AIARE - AVALANCHE 1


Unofficial pal and GNAR competitor, Spencer Cordovano, has put together a website with some of his homies called Poweplorer.com – check it out their latest post, AIARE – AVALANCHE 1.

After signing up for Avy 1 three times last winter and always finding something “better” to do when I had it scheduled, I stopped kidding myself and signed up for the first class of the season. Check yourself before you wreck yourself, right? Well at least check that avalanche danger first.

The course was put on by the Sawtooth Mountain Guides in their yurt near the base of Williams Peak. This course was the real deal. Taking part in activities such as shredding, that I didn’t want to miss out on, were incorporated into the class. Makes sense to me, the subject matter was very apparent and better interpreted in the field.

Avalanche 1 training is intended to introduce and clarify common techniques to be used in the backcountry. Safety starts by checking the avalanche report and some formal training gives you a better chance at interpreting and confirming the report. If there was a free half hour we were getting laps, while discussing route finding, aspect orientation, and slide paths. Not a bad view in either direction.

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