Rossignol "Super" 7 - Gear Review

Rossignol "Super" 7 - Gear Review


Rossignol "Super" 7 - Gear Review

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The Rossignol S7 has been one of the most talked about skis over the last 2 or 3 seasons. They were one of the original skis to really throw conventional wisdom under the bus. They have a complex design which Rossi calls Amptek which features tip and tail rocker, camber and sidecut under foot, and a pin-tail. They have a wood core wrapped in fiberglass and when released came as large as 188cm.  Last year, Rossignol released their “Super” 7, a beefed up 195cm version of the ski with a sheet of titanal. The skis have dimensions of 148.5-120-130.

I picked up a pair of these this summer thinking they would be a perfect ski for Telluride. After skiing them in all kinds of snow and terrain, I was really impressed with how they handled everything. They are obviously awesome in deep snow and chopped-up crud but are amazing on the groomers as well. They are even really good in tight trees surprisingly! The “Super” 7s are way too versatile for a 195, amazing!

While I love how the Rossi’s ski, their durability is suspect. I have skied on them less than a dozen days and Telluride has kicked their ass! The bases seem pretty soft and have gotten ripped up way easier than my other skis. And worst of all, the sidewalls have blown-out in three places. While I obviously have not babied these things, they should be able to take some abuse. I think the “San Juan Stonegrind” is too much for these. Who knows, maybe my pair is just a “lemon.”

Overall, I really like the “Super” 7s but don’t think they are built well enough for Telluride’s rocky terrain. I am not sure if I will try to replace my busted up pair with new ones. For next year, Rossignol is adding a 188cm “Super” 7 with a sheet of metal. I am not sure what I think of the new green top sheet as well, kind of ugly. What do you think of the “Super” 7s?,, Telluride, Ski Review, Rossignol, "Super" 7, 2012 Rossignol S7, 2012 Rossignol "Super" 7

2012 Rossignol “Super” 7

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