Bern Carbon Watts Helmet - Gear Review

Bern Carbon Watts Helmet - Gear Review


Bern Carbon Watts Helmet - Gear Review


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I recently purchased a Bern Carbon Watts helmet after looking for a new helmet for quite some time. I looked at a bunch of different options out there including Smith, Gyro, POC, and Sweet Protection. While all these are great choices, I couldn’t be happier with the Bern. It fits really well, is super comfortable, warm and the quality of construction is amazing!

The Bern looks awesome too! It is a great design with a matte carbon fiber finish, a small built in visor and a slim profile. I definitely like how ‘small’ the helmet feels and looks and it fits under hoods easily. The pure carbon fiber construction makes this helmet amazingly light, around 12oz., and really strong and safe. What really sold me on the Bern though was how well it fit me. I know all heads are shaped differently, but personally this helmet just felt so comfortable when I first tried it on. All the other helmets I considered just didn’t feel right or had uncomfortable pressure points. The liner feels really plush and is made out of a soft knit fabric, almost like a ski hat. Very nice indeed! This feature also makes the helmet really warm, I hope not too warm for the spring. There are vents on the top and back of the helmet which should help ventilate on warmer ski days. The liner also comes out really easily making cleaning and replacing it a snap. They make a liner with built in speakers as well, definitely something I will consider down the road.

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The only drawback to this helmet is the steep price tag of around $230.00. While this is more expensive than most helmets (except maybe the Sweet Protections), the Bern’s quality, safety and light weight make it a good investment. I expect to have mine for many years and certainly feel protected when I wear it. I sure hope it never has to do its job though!

Bern also makes the Watts in an ABS plastic version for around half the price. Definitely a better value, but lacking the quality and additional safety of the carbon fiber construction. Checkout Bern’s entire line of helmets on their website:

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