STOWE - Terrain Report: December 14th, 2010

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STOWE - Terrain Report: December 14th, 2010


STOWE - Terrain Report: December 14th, 2010


The past week has been a weather nightmare!  We’ve gone from almost 30 inches of blower pow to warm temps and rain.  Last night that rain turned to snow and added up quick… well, at least I thought so.  I woke up bright and early in hopes to get some sick freshies at the mountain.  The roads this morning were a disaster because of the mix precipitation we had over the night.  Cars were all over the road.  I’m wondering when people with SUVs will realize they aren’t invincible and drive safely!  Probably never.  Anyhoo, I eventually made it up to Stowe, laced up and went to the Quad since the Gondola wasn’t open. (Note: GONDOLA OPENED THIS PAST WEEKEND!)  I was hoping the Gondi would be spinning, but unfortunately is was closed for snow-making purposes, so I was left with freezing my ass off on the Quad.  TODAY WAS F@$KING COLD!  It was Zero at the top of the Quad with winds whipping around at 20 MPH, with higher gusts.  As I was riding up the Quad, it looked pretty thin.  The mountain definitely got some snow last night, but it must have all blown into the woods.  Bummer for today, but good for the woods… get those bastards ready!  So my “hopeful pow day” turned into “really fast groomer” day, which is still fun!  With mid-season fast approaching, it was good to get those legs burnin’!  On another note, the Park Crew was re-setting the 3 features that have been setup.  Hopefully we get enough snow/snowmaking going to get those parks up and running!


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