What the HELL to do in Tahoe this Week

What the HELL to do in Tahoe this Week


What the HELL to do in Tahoe this Week


Life returns to Tahoe! This week is looking good and next weekend is looking INSANE with the GNAR premiere on Friday nite (Dec 17) and the Snow God’s Ball Saturday nite (Dec 18).

This week you can listen to Jeremy Jones calmly explain how much cooler he is than you, get radical at the Coogan Kelly Rail Jam, mack on fish tacos, gape at the Tahoe Adventure Film Festival, and shake your money maker to the Monophonics.

Friday, Dec 10 Coogan Kelly Rail Jam at Squaw Valley USA.  1pm competition.  All proceeds go to the Coogan Kelly Memorial Fund.

Friday, Dec 10 Jeremy Jones Adventure Slide Show.  Plaza Bar, Squaw Valley.  6:30pm.  Free.  Jeremy and Seth Lightcap show us how to board around the world in style.

Saturday, Dec 11 – Tahoe Adventure Film Fetival. Mont Bleu Resort.  7:30pm show.  Ticket $25 at door.  An action sports film festival that will get the juices flowing.  Contact:  775.588.3515  www.tahoefilmfestival.com

Saturday, Dec 11 Monophonics at Crystal Bay Club. 10pm.  Free.  www.crystalbaycasino.com.  This is really your only chance to see live music and dance this weekend.  Check out the Monophonic sound at www.monophonics.com.

Wednesday, Dec 15 – Taco Tuesday on Wednesday at Sunnyside.  The age old Tahoe tradition of drinking tons of crappy beer, eating way too many cajun tacos, and blaming the resulting nasty farts on ‘those guys over there’ while hitting on chicks fresh in from South America continues!!!

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