What the HELL to do in Tahoe this weekend!?

What the HELL to do in Tahoe this weekend!?


What the HELL to do in Tahoe this weekend!?


GFS 180hr forecast model

The most exciting thing about this weekend? Honestly, I think it’s the weather.  It looks like something might start to happen this weekend.  We’ve got a warm storm coming in that looks like it’ll leave cold and give us some real snow if we’re lucky.  Watch the 180 hour (7.5 day) forecast model above and delight in the dark green spots bulldozing towards Tahoe.

www.TahoeWeatherDiscussion.com – Above 7000 ft. another 4-8 inches could accumulate over the weekend. By Monday there could be over a foot of new snow on top of the resorts, especially along the crest. It will take 3 days to accumulate though.

Bring it!!!  I’m already completely spoiled and I refuse to ski anything but perfect powder, because that’s all I’ve skied this season.

If the simple promise of powder isn’t enough for you, I think with the proper blood alcohol level these bands could be fun:

Friday Dec 3 Mission Players at Crystal Bay Club. Show 9:30.  Free.  The Mission Players hit up CBC for a Free funky Friday night show.  www.missionplayers.com.  www.crystalbaycasino.com

Saturday Dec 4“Purple Haze” Jimi Hendrix tribute.  Crystal Bay Club.  Show 10pm.  Free.  Um, this might be cool on the right drugs?  Not sure even then tho.  www.crystalbaycasino.com

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