5 Tips For Ski Bumming

5 Tips For Ski Bumming


5 Tips For Ski Bumming


The Last of the Ski Bums - Dick Brrymore classic

The Last of the Ski Bums – Dick Barrrymore.

Here are the top five tips that I have come up with from my years of ski bumming.

1.- Get a good pair of ski boots. (They might set you back some hard earned money but I promise you will not regret it.)
2. Check your bindings on a regular basic. (It is something that is often over looked but can have huge consequences if not checked.)
3. Always ware sun block. (Don’t forget that up in the mountains there is less atmosphere for the sun to cut through and that snow reflects sunlight back up at you.)
4. Get health insurance. (No matter how good you think you are shit happens and when it does you will be very happy that you will not have to awake from the dream deal with medical bills.)
5. Eat a banana everyday. (One word, Potassium.)

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