History Of The Lange Girls | 4 Decades of Sex on the Slopes.

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Hot chicks and skiing are a winning combination and no one does it better than Lange. Sex sells and Bob Lange figured this out in the early 70′s with their … Read More

Awesome Red Bull Cold Rush Highlight Video…Event Airing 3/24 on NBC!

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This years Red Bull Cold Rush went down at nearby Silverton Mountain last week and Red Bull just released their highlight, teaser video before the event is televised in a few weeks. Unfortunately, tough avalanche conditions limited the terrain for the Big Mountain day after a slide ran through the venue on day 1 and cancelled the Cliffs day entirely! Kind of a bummer…


Wiley Miller Blasting Off The Mine Cart Rail - Photo: Christian Pondella

The athletes still threw down big time as highlighted in the above edit with Dane Tudor and Rachael Burks taking this years crowns! Looking forward to checking out the action in it’s entirety on NBC airing Saturday, March 24th @ 1pm ET/11pm MT as part of Red Bull’s Signature Series.

2012 Cold Rush Podium

2012 Cold Rush Podium


Storms Keep Rolling Through Telluride – 11″ in 48 Hours…More on the Way!

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With 11″ of new snow in the past 48 hours, Telluride continues to impress with stellar conditions and excellent skiing. The last few storms have come in with some wind causing the snow to be drifted in areas and the ridge lines scoured. Despite this Telluride has a deep base of over 60″ filling in and covering our rocky terrain nicely.

The trees off Chair 9 were the spot to be yesterday, protected from the wind and skiing deep. The snow was dense and creamy and skiing fast. The upper mountain lifts didn’t open until around 1pm due to high winds but were a nice treat to those who stayed out for the afternoon.

This morning’s highlight was the opening of Revy Bowl which was shreded and tracked out in no time. Fun stuff up there…

Revy Bowl

Revelation Bowl

Another storm is approaching Colorado now with snow expected from late tonight through Friday here in the San Juans. NOAA is calling for 7-18″ here in Telluride by Friday at this point. Lookin’ good…

NOAA Telluride

NOAA Forecast for Telluride

*Updated w/ Confirmed Athletes* Red Bull Cold Rush Returns to Silverton March 5th-8th…Sick Teaser Video!

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*Updated – Confirmed Invited Athletes* 2/29/12


Andy Mahre
Collin Collins
Dane Tudor
Dash Longe
Dave Treadway
Fabio Studer
Josh Bibby
Kye Petersen
Leo Ahrens
Logan Pehota
Pep Fujas
Richard Permin
Sage Cattabriga-Alosa
Sean Pettit
Tim Durtschi
Tobias Tritscher
Wiley Miller


Anna Segal
Jackie Paaso
Michelle Parker
Rachael Burks
Shelly Robertson
Lexi du Pont

One obvious name missing is last years women’s champ Grete Eliassen, where is Grete?

Red Bull is embracing Silverton’s mining history for this year’s Cold Rush, integrating mining themes in with the slopestyle course this year. There is a jump built with a mining tunnel in the back of it and a railroad track rail feature, should be sweet…


Railroad Rail Feature-Cold Rush 2012-Red Bull Media House

Original Post – 2/23/12

The 2012 Red Bull Cold Rush is returning to Silverton, CO from March 5th-8th. NBC will be broadcasting the Cold Rush on March 24th at 1pm ET as part of their new Signature Series. This year’s event should be amazing with Silverton having a great season with a ton of snow and a 73″ base so far.

Last year’s winners Sean Pettit and Grete Eliassen will be back to defend their titles, along with a still unannounced invitee list of elite freeskiers.

Who do you want to see compete in this year’s Cold Rush? Can anyone take down Sean and Grete?

Sean Petit/Photo: Erik Seo – Red Bull Content Pool

Sean Petit on his way to winning last years event. Photo: Erik Seo – Red Bull Content Pool

Telluride Pro Trevor Martin At The Valparaiso Cerro Abajo Urban DH

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Thanks to Trevor Martin for the edit and the following words about the event…

A few great things about Valparaiso Chile: 

-It was the largest port on the Pacific coast until Oakland, CA
-It is the third largest city in Chile
-It’s comprised of steep ridge lines covered in houses that cascade down the the sea
-Beer is served by the liter!
-Night clubs are open all night
-Community dogs roam endlessly in the streets, faithful and well behaved but are “owned” by no one
-It is home to the craziest urban downhill mountain bike race in the southern hemisphere! The Valparaiso Cerro Abajo.
Telluridian Trevor Martin Racing Down South

Telluridian Trevor Martin Racing Down South

Drawing crowds of more than 10,000 screaming fans and international competitors from around the globe, this is a mountain bike race like none other in the history. This year marked the 10th  event that has run annually since it’s first race; a marketing gimmick for a local cycling magazine. Each year that passes brings larger crowds, larger jumps and more sponsors taking claim in the events success. 

Construction methods have improved over the last few years and now ramps and landings are welded together from steel, however in past years it wouldn’t be uncommon to hear “If we need to get through that wall, we could use some dynamite” from the event’s mastermind Victor Heresmann. Victor, enthusiastic about this year in particular thanks to the city of Valparaiso signing a three year contract with him, promising plenty of room for improvement down the road.
Stair Gap About To Cause Some Issues...

Stair Gap About To Cause Some Issues...

This year was my third trip to central Chile for the Valparaiso Cerro Abajo and I feel I couldn’t have been more prepared for it. I have placed as good as 20th in past competitions and was aiming for a crack at the top 10 this year. I felt strong during the morning’s practice until disaster struck while trying to dial in a challenging stair gap midway through the course. This part of the course held one of the more challenging options with a descent time advantage to double a stair set. This advantage comes with higher consequences as well which I fully felt the wrath of. Upon landing the gap, there are four or five sets of steep, tight stairs that lead to the street at the bottom. The stairs were a little more than I was prepared to handle at the speed I was traveling and I ended up getting bucked forward near the last set. At that point I was merely hanging on and preparing for the inevitable impact at the bottom of the stairs. My bike veered offline ever so slightly and my right hand, still clenching the handle bar, landed on top of the metal handrail, crushing my fingers and the break lever. Before I could blink, I knew the time had come to let go, tuck, roll and hope for the best.

Trevor About To Go For A Ride

Trevor About To Go For A Ride

Amazingly, I was on my feet sliding backwards looking up the course just as quickly as I had hit the ground. Despite my index finger being absolutely crushed from the handrail I survived relatively unharmed. The front wheel of the bike was destroyed in the impact and my finger had little to no function. A local woman spectating the action quickly ran inside her house, about 10 feet away and came back with a bandage, gauze and ice. The locals had me back on my bike in a matter of minutes with an overwhelming amount of enthusiasm and applause when I waived that I will survive. 

My day on the course was now over so I descended back to our hotel where I could change out of my gear and prepare for the rest of the afternoon in the Valparaiso Emergency Room.
Not the top 10 finish I was hoping for but given the circumstances and potential for much greater disaster I’ll except it and start planning for next years event.
Thanks to the Telluride Community for supporting my adventure! Hope you all enjoy the video. 

For a full speed spectators view of Trevor’s crash and all the other crazy features check out for their event video.

Casey Riva Ripping The Sh#t Out of Telluride – 2/20/12

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Our man Casey Riva bagged this footage for Unofficial on Monday after our nice little 9 inch storm. While the snow looked a little wind hammered and not as deep as our friends up in Steamboat, it seems that Casey enjoyed himself out there crushing everything in sight!

Nice work Casey and thanks for the footage…way to kill it!

Unofficial Telluride Park Edit Featuring Local Ripper Justin Tschinkel

February 20th, 2012 by

Justin is a local Telluride ripper currently skiing and going to school in the Salt Lake area. He is a nasty all around skier and will be taking his park skills to the big mountain this year, competing on the Freeskiing World Tour. Last week I had a blast filming Justin sessioning Telluride’s Hoot Brown Park…enjoy the edit!


Bad A$$ Video : Snowboarding At Night With An L.E.D. Light Suit

February 16th, 2012 by
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This is a sweet, artistic short film from featuring French pro snowboarder William Hughes shreding the hills of Tignes, France at night wearing a one-off L.E.D. light suit. The video was directed by fashion photographer and filmmaker Jacob Sutton and was shot on the amazing RED EPIC camera.

This is total eye candy and a really cool concept…kind of like Tron meets snowboarding! I can’t imagine how hard this video must have been to shoot and ride for.

L.E.D. Snowboarding

L.E.D. Snowboarding from

The following quote from the filmmaker was taken from, “I was really drawn to the idea of a lone character made of light surfing through darkness,” says Sutton of his costume choice. “I’ve always been excited by unusual ways of lighting things, so it seemed like an exciting idea to make the subject of the film the only light source.”

Check out this other cool video from Jacob Sutton featuring a unique lighting source as well and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros…

YouTube Preview Image

Still Stormin’ in Telluride…Over 2 Feet This Week!

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Yesterday was a bittersweet pow day here in Telluride, amazing conditions and snow darkened by an unfortunate fatal avalanche claiming the life of longtime local Nate Soules.

With over 2 feet of new snow this week falling on top of our highly volatile, weak snow pack…the avy danger is as high as it’s been all season. Please stay safe out there, ski conservatively and choose your terrain wisely.

Casey Riva stepped it up yesterday dropping a rather large cliff up in Black Iron Bowl in an area known as Pee Wee’s and as always he stomped the S#%T out of it! Nice work buddy…

Casey Riva Going Big in Pee Wee's - Telluride, CO

Casey Riva getting crazy up in Pee Wee's playhouse - Telluride, CO

With a 65 inch base, Telluride is skiing amazing right now with endless powder days and even more snow in sight! We are getting spoiled by all the awesome snow recently but don’t forget how truly lucky we are.

R.I.P Nate, our deepest sympathies go out to your family, friends, and loved ones.

*UPDATED*: Avalanche Fatality Today in Telluride’s Lower Bear Creek…More Details to Come

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The Watch Newspaper is reporting that Nate Soules, a longtime local was killed today in Telluride resulting from an avalanche in lower Bear Creek. He was wearing a beacon, an … Read More