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Meet the Freeride World Tour Female Snowboarders | Snowbird Ladies Ride Hard!

If you are a big fan of skiing and/or snowboarding and you have not been following the Freeride World Tour the past few seasons this is the year to start. … Read More

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New Beans and Rice Freeride | Teton Backcountry Soul Pow with Spice

  A couple weeks ago Silas Chickering-Ayers showed Jake Sakson and Paul Kimbrough some fun zones in the vast Teton playground. The Beans and Rice Crew says, “The process of … Read More

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This Week At Mt. Baker

Baker dayz 2 from Jacob and Andrew A look at the skiing over the past week at Mt. Baker.


Mt. Baker Re-Opens TODAY With >100″ of Snow In The Past Week

MT. BAKER RE-OPENS TODAY With 98 inches of snow in the past six days, storm conditions have been intense, to say the least. The DOT has been working around the … Read More


Mt. Baker, WA Weekend Conditions Report | 105” Base = Deepest Ski Resort Snowpack

It’s no secret that Mt. Baker has been going off.  This quote makes it even more clear: “Mt. Baker now has the MOST SNOW OF ANY SKI AREA, NOT ONLY … Read More


Biggest Dumps of The Week. Where YOU Want To Be Skiing This Weekend [] brings us this update on the latest dumps. Get jumping, chasing, and celebrating as truly the first super cold winter storm is now impacting the Cascades with snotel data … Read More


Mt Baker “Our Backyard” | Chapter 2

K2 Snowboarding is back with another round of footage from their home turf at Mt Baker, WA.  Baker is still killing it as far as snowpack is concerned, with the latest … Read More

Our Backyard

Baker Stoke Reel “Our Backyard” | Episode 1

As Mt. Baker continues its reign with the deepest base in North America, K2 Snowboarding has released their first episode of “Our Backyard” with plenty of footage from the Pacific … Read More

Patrol director Sam checking the snow depth @ Mt Baker

Who Has The Most Snow In North America?

Mt. Baker Ski Area with 60 inches. And the Skiing Looks Great!  Images from


Mt Baker Opening Day Was DEEP

True to form, opening day at Mt Baker, WA was supreme.  Baker is already rocking a 67″ base at the pan dome thanks to a massive front of precipitation that … Read More

Chasing powder

Chasing The Dragon – Part 1 – Baker Pow | Stoke from K2

Here’s some powdery goodness to feed the stoke for this season. Collin Collins and friends shred Baker on one of its many powder days last season. Chasing the powder dragon … Read More


Pacific NW Webisodes – “Our Backyard” Teaser

This is a teaser for the latest and greatest from K2 Snowboarding, a webisode series titled “Our Backyard”. This series shows the K2 team riders living the Mt. Baker dream. … Read More

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VIDEO = 100 inches of Snow in 1 Week

by Burtonsnowboards Too much snow isn’t something that would usually be considered a problem while filming snowboarding. With over 2.5 meters of snow in one week and the avalanche danger too … Read More

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i.N.i. Find Pillowlandia On a Trip To Mt. Baker

i.N.i. Mt. Baker Team Trip by Workhorse Collective Shaun Mckay, Tyler Osland, and John Spriggs head down Highway 542 to shred one of the best resorts in North America while shooting … Read More

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Purely Pacific Northwest | Truly Mesmerizing

Purely Pacific Northwest by John Eklund I am a photographer from Portland, Oregon. I want to share the beautiful NW region through my eyes with time-lapse photography. I choose to shoot … Read More


NASA | Forest Recovering From Mt St Helens Eruption

  NASA | Forest Recovering From Mt St Helens Eruption   The 1980 Mount St. Helens eruption was one of the most significant natural disasters in the US in the … Read More

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Get Stoked For Winter! Watch This….

Feel good edit of Micah Evangelista’s season up at Mt. Baker Micah Evangelista’s season edit from the 2011/2012 season. All filmed in the Mt. Baker Backcountry!

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Dubsatch Collective 2012 Trailer – ‘Baker’

  ‘Baker’ Trailer by Dubsatch Collective A: Quilt S: Penobska Oakwalk W:

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John Wells | Anonymously Yours – Episode I

This edit is from John Wells and his Anonymously Yours series. It’s shot at Mt. Baker and has a lot of POV with some footage of anonymous Baker riders mixed … Read More

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Through The Looking Glass = Deep PNW Powder Skiing

2012 Trailer: Through The Looking Glass This season the PNW got all the snow. Lucky for us North Cascade Productions was there to get it all on film.  by North Cascade Productions … Read More


Man Skis off 800ft Cliff on Mt. Baker and Dies

A 34-year-old man from the Seattle area died on Friday after he skied off a cliff on Mount Baker. Reports say he fell 800 feet. The skier and his group summited … Read More

Snow in the parking lot of Crystal Mountain

5″ of New Snow in Washington & Still Snowing

Crystal Mountain ski resort in Washington has gotten 5 inches of snow in the past 48 hours and it’s still snowing. The current forecast is for 2-6 more inches in … Read More

The Davenport McMillan Team finishes the Ring of Fire Tour on Mount Baker. Photo: Ted Mahon.

Chris Davenport Ring of Fire Tour: Success!

Well, Chris and Jess McMillan got all they wanted and then some.  They picked off 15 volcanoes (counting the Sisters as three) in 15 days in the Pacific Northwest.  This … Read More

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“In Good Company” – A film about the importance of mountain biking to a community

In Good Company – A film about how mountain biking forged a community on What does mountain biking mean to you? In Good Company is a film about the … Read More

Matt watches lenticular clouds build on Mount Adam's Pinnacle above the Adams Glacier.

Mount Adams: The Big Hurt

Mount Adams is a soul-crushingly large mountain.  Even giant Mount Shasta and towering Mount Rainier feel small compared to this massive volcano.  Or maybe it’s just the time of year. … Read More

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**UPDATE** w/ Response from Stevens Pass | Stevens Pass SCREWS Locals by Deactivating Season Passes 3 Weeks Before Closing Day

*UPDATE* =  Stevens Pass has just written to Unofficial and they’d like to publish this response to our article: “We would like to take the opportunity to clarify, from our … Read More