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JT Holmes is a Pro Skiing and BASE jumper from Squaw Valley, CA. Squaw Valley Season Pass holder since 82-83, Ten Little Indians, Mighty Mites, Squaw Valley Freestyle Team member turned pro-stalker, turned pro.

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water ramp ski training

Water Ramp & Trampoline Training in Utah | The BASICS

The goal of The BASICS program is to not only reach the kids that we teach sporting fundamentals, but to show by example the training and prerequisites that go into … Read More

Norway jumping_ RD and RS - 09

Fun Jumpers | Jumping and Skiing in Norway

In Case You missed it the first time…

Timy Dutton and I had one last trip for the 2010-11 ski season:  Norway.  Upon arriving, we met up with a shocked collection of friends.  The Norwegian ski community was mourning the loss of professional skier, Eric Lundstrom, while the BASE jumping community was shocked by the early departure from causes outside of sport of long time jumper, Peter Bergsjo.

JT & GM @practice

Trip Report South Africa: True Collections- Syndicate

Enter a game reserve in Africa and Disney’s The Jungle Book.  Rhinos, lions, giraffe, zebra…  you name it. At Lion’s Valley lodge, we even had an elephant dip his trunk into the … Read More

BASE Jumping South Africa

JT Holmes BASE jumping in South Africa | Fun Jumpers

After the world’s best start to a ski season pounded Squaw Valley with snow from mid November to New Years, a week of skiing in Juneau, Alaska, and two competition … Read More

Copter Kids

A 6 Pack, with Errol Kerr from Copter Kids

A 6 Pack, with Errol Kerr from Copter Kids. Words by JT Holmes Who?? Run by two of the youngest people in the industry, the Copter Kids have always been … Read More

JT Holmes in France

Fun Jumpers with Timy Dutton & JT Holmes: Euro Land

You can watch all the Fun Jumpers episodes here: Fun Jumpers Timy and I arrived to Europe with terrible conditions, literally not a decent turn to be found.  Good thing … Read More

Speedriding - AK

The Fun Jumpers in AK

The Fun Jumpers arrived to wet snow and wind and ripped it up at Eagle Crest for a day.  When the fog lifted, they got out to local mountain Mt. … Read More

Pro Skier and Base Jumper JT Holmes

Monkey: JT Holmes (A.K.A. Red Squirrel)

JT Holmes- A professional skier, B.A.S.E. Jumper with a heart of gold. A 13 year (an counting) ski career can only give a person a glimps at the heart that … Read More

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Fun Jumpers – Title Goes Here

With the snow coming in and starting to get the ski season in full mode there is a lot of jumping going on. From BASE jumping below the snow line … Read More

Fun Jumpers with Tim Dutton and JT Holmes

Fun Jumpers with JT Holmes and Tim Dutton

Fun Jumpers is an exclusive Unofficial Networks web series brought to us by JT Holmes and Tim Dutton. With the weather forecasting for the biggest storm to hit Tahoe in … Read More

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K2 Chile trip report by JT Holmes

What a lucky monkey I am to get to go to Chile to ski and shoot for K2′s catalog.  For a week, we stayed in this old building/ house/ former … Read More

Training in Switzerland by JT Holmes

Training in Switzerland Edit by Timy Dutton JT, Julian, Mike Jon and Andy needed to prepare for flying in Chicago.  Not only were they practicing flying their wingsuits close to … Read More

The Bec Des Rosses – By, Jt Holmes

Bec des Rosses_14.03

The Bec Des Rosses – By, Jt Holmes

I want to share an account of my crash in Verbier. I am not sure if the word to describe it was horrendous or legendary, but I hope it’ll be considered the latter. The description got lengthy, so I apologize, but hey, it was a lengthy crash.

There was a line to the skiers left that appealed to me, gnarly, steep one with a big air. I am a firm believer in skiing a line on a mountain that speaks to you, one that you notice right away. This one did. I pointed it out to Cody and said “I think I am going over there.” Cody, without skipping a beat replied “Do you want me to be one of your pall bearers?” We have sick senses of humor, and from that moment onward, we referred to the line as “The Pallbearer.”

I liked The Pallbearer, and I chose it for many reasons. I was going second to last, so I wanted to do something creative. All of the stock lines would have bomb holes and tracks by then. After the warm storm that came through, I figured the snow up higher would be better, and I like to take big airs at the top of runs that are on big mountains, because by the time you get to the bottom of the Bec Des Rosses (which is 1000ft taller than KT22 and way steeper) your legs are spent. And most of all, I wanted to win the Verbier Extreme, dammit. I have never won a big mountain comp. What does getting 3rd or 7th do for me? It proves I can hang, that I am really good at big mountain skiing, amongst the best competitors. But, that is proven by being in the starting gate, and by having a solid career for years. I wanna prove that I am the best, dammit. I want a W, a blue ribbon, a 1st place trophy. The Pallbearer was a winning line, it appealed to me. It was on.