Snowboarder Backflips Into Skiers | DON'T STAND IN LANDINGS!




[Source : whitelines.com]

  • snowslider

    Please give up the us vs them (ski vs SB). This view just perpetuates polarity and argument, just as it does in our 2 party political system. We all have fun on whatever we slide on. The real issue is how we stay safe in the park. We have rules and guidelines for that: look before you leap, don’t stand in landings or blind spots, downhill slider has right of way, etc.

  • Mountain Blues

    Saw someone double eject off the knuckle of a black kicker in Alpe d’huez the other week then hike back up the landing to grab their skis as three skiers came down it and nearly took his head off. This was during a pre-competition jam and despite us shouting at the prick to go round the side. Sometimes wonder if some people have any common sense at all.

  • Park builder

    This run is fenced on both sides – many resorts only use rope lines. Your right though, it doesn’t matter what you slide on as long as your having fun. There are gapers on both sides.

  • Anonymous

    Actually I think it’s the resorts fault for not marking off the park. Looks like they just built booters in the middle of a groomed run. And for all those hating on skiers…don’t we all enjoy the same thing? Sliding on snow. Doesn’t matter what your on. Plenty of beaters on all planks.

  • Anon

    What if a person was injured and couldn’t get out of the way? Would it be their fault for being there if they had another land on top of them? I doubt it. While dumb to stop in a landing, it is also dumb to blindly go off a feature without a spotter clearing you… period. They are equally at fault in my opinion.

    • Park builder

      So when you take a run through the park say there are six jumps, do you bring six of your friends spot the landings? Come on! So unrealistic. Proper spacing between riders and common sense works wonders. Some accidents are unavoidable, the one in this video was 100% avoidable but the people on the landing failed in the common sense department and were not following the snow sports responsibility code.

      • gorby

        Dude. This guy was with a freakin camera boy. Considering how big he was planning on hitting the jump, how blind the landing was, and how busy the area looked to be, you’d have to be a … well, a gaper to be honest … to not send your buddy ahead.

        Instead, he closes his eyes, crosses his fingers, launches himself into a slope full of riders and wipes out a couple of people.

        To me the phrase “crashing into a group of beginner skiers while showing off your sick backflip skills … -1000 Gnar Points” is appropriate here.

      • Park builder

        Have any of you guys ever ridden a park before? I’m so sure you have a spotter on each jump.

      • gorby

        Every situation is different. a 6 jump sequence can’t have a spotter on each jump, but there are ways of making it safe. You give me any park situation and I can tell you how it can be done safely.

        But we are not talking about any situation here. We are talking about this situation. And in this situation (meaning 1. a single, very large jump. 2. a landing onto a run well used by a wide variety of riders. 3. an approach that gives zero view of the landing), he should have absolutely sent his buddy ahead.

  • gorby

    so if I take a jump and crash in the landing space, can’t get up because I’m hurt, then the next guy jumping hits me, its my fault?

    there are dumb ass gaper reasons someone could be in your landing, but there are also legitimate ones. so for sure its a gaper move of those people standing there talking, but a way bigger gaper move of the jumper to not spot out the landing.

    • Park builder

      Spot out the landing? Have you ever ridden in a park before? Do you go down, check the landing then hike back up to hit the jump? Sure you do! If someone crashes on the landing and gets hit that’s an unfortunate accident – probably no ones fault but to say you should spot your landing is not practical.

      • Old and in the way!

        You got a buddy to film you, maybe he should have been a gaper spotter?
        Did you get it on the GoPro Bro? Oh and by the way bad place to hang kids.

  • Crudmaster

    Yep…everybody’s an expert…actually all of yus is a bunch of opinionated jack wagons…and flat dicks too

  • real men snowboard

    I hope that boarder rode away with no pain, that looked like it sucked. well done flip by the way.. and mr “Knuckle daggers, and sneeze” you cant even freakin spell. and its knuckle draggers, and steeze with any attempt at insult dumb dumb.. I love watching skiers attempt walking up stairs! Even if this place didnt have a gate to go through, who in thier right mind would see a huge jump, and what maybe could be a landing and say.. lets meet the pizza guy with the scarf right here. A really really dumb gaper, thats who!!

  • real men snowboard

    First of all.. STEEERRIKE!!! well done flip by the way.. and mr “Knuckle daggers, and sneeze” you cant even freakin spell. and its knuckle draggers, and steeze with any attempt at insult dumb dumb.. I love watching skiers attempt walking up stairs! Even if this place didnt have a gate to go through, who in thier right mind would see a huge jump, and what maybe could be a landing and say.. lets meet the pizza guy with the scarf right here. A really really dumb gaper, thats who!!

  • Anonymous

    Skiers fault for not standing in a place where you are visible from above. Read the alpine responsibility code dummies. The snowboarder was in no way at fault.
    It’s like stopping in the middle of an intersection to pick someone up. You just don’t do that because common sense tells you not to. Unfortunately people on vacation tend to leave their brains at home.

  • Shreddy Roosevelt

    Shreddy thinks that skiers are once again jealous of the fun snowboarders across this world are having. We steal your girls; let’s face it – snowboarding is way more “in” than skiing right now. It’s just a fact.

    Park jumps the resort wouldn’t exist without us. Did rollerbladers invent the halfpipe? Of course not.

    So yes, stick to your fruitboots, friends, and you’d be wise to keep your mom and two sisters off the landing tranny of a park jump. And remeber, real skiers practice by rollerblading in the summer. We all know you covet the blades.

  • Fellow Boarder

    Stupid place to stand. I wouldnt be surprised if they had a right go at this innocent boarder too. The usual “you boarders are all the same” rubbish.

  • Tele Dad

    Looks like somebody bought the ride-n-roll package deal. Who doesn’t love them some spring bowling?

    • Anonamoose

      This has to be the worst analogy ever. Parks have their own set of rules unlike the rest of the moutain or a fucking highway. If you run into someone sitting at the bottom of a jump landing, it is the persons fault that’s in the landing. You shouldn’t have to use a spotter in the park. -A park builder.

  • Local Mounter

    Had a Ski dad do the same shit to me but he was on the booter not on the landing. Talked so much shit me when i got down the hill and all I could say was “please stay out of the park with your two kids if you are not going to be hitting the terrain. It is CLEARLY marked as expert terrain with obstacles”

    If i can find the video Ill link it…. Pretty fucking lame.

    Also LOOK before YOU LEAP.

    • hendog

      Ok so the next time I jump off a blind knuckle I will go down to the bottom and make sure there is nobody there and then hike halfway up just to go off with no speed. That is basically what “LOOK before YOU LEAP” means in a scenario like this. There are scenarios where that is great advice, but in most terrain parks that is usually not a good option if you are going to go big at all, so it is up to everyone else to not be retarded and stand in the landing of the jump. I feel bad for those kids because nobody ever probably told them that, and that get probably got pretty roughed up.

      • mikep

        downhill skier has right of way. always. if you hit someone from above them it is always your fault, just like rear ending someone is always your fault. use a spotter if you can’t see.

      • Dont stand there

        The responsibility code also states “Do not stand where you are not visible from above.”

  • scotty1974

    I don’t know why, but skiers are the worst for that. Every hit, hip, berm, roll or anything that is fun terrain always has a skier standing either on top or underneath it. Just looking down at god knows what….

    That being said get the F out of the park or ride down the side if you are hitting the jumps. Dumbest place to be. Hope they aren’t hurt, cuz they sure as heck had it coming.

    • bertrenolds

      It’s because most gapers ski because it’s easier to ski and do pizza French fries then it is to learn how to snowboard for the first time. This is just people being dumb its not because they are skiers, they are stupid fucking gapers. Was the kid ok? probably not

      • Mtskijump

        Bertreynolds u r dead wrong. Picked up snowboarding in one afternoon, super easy. Skiing has taken my whole life to get as good as I am now. The only reason snowboarding is so popular is because it’s so easy.

      • ble

        Oh really? So you mastered snowboarding in one afternoon and have taken your whole life to get where you are in skiing? You pro bro? Good god, shut the hell up.

      • MrChoad

        Mtskijump, Nice troll dick. Calling snowboarding ‘easy’ is such a lame attempt at a put-down… K2 tele tried the same thing in the 90s – they sounded like ignorant tools too. Anyone that isn’t a moron knows that skiing & snowboarding are both skill sports that take years to master.

      • Anonymous

        Wow, clearly you have never ridden a snowboard. Keep the fruit boots cause a true pirate walks one plank.

      • Anonymous

        First off, even though it wasn’t really his fault I am guessing somehow someway the snowboarder got blamed for this. Secondly I ski and board and for the most part skiing is easier. For instance anytime the snow is shitty or icy. Having two edges and a wider balance point helps out a lot . How many fat skiers do you see compared to snowboarders? Powder on the other hand is quite easy on a snowboard and is such an amazing feeling. I find snowboarding more fun and challenging so I do it more. Think about it..skiing was created as a form of transportation or necessity some couple thousand years ago in Scandinavia right? Snowboarding was created as a means of entertainment in Turkey over 500 years ago….Plus skiers have no idea what they owe to snowboard design and persona.

    • Anonymous

      How? Atleast you can see people standing in the middle of the run unlike people that sit below blind knuckles. Stupid ass skiers.

      • Anonymous

        Because you knuckle daggers all sit in the blind spots on runs. Mostly to see if your baggy pants are sneeze enough!

      • fez

        He said sitting, not standing. And there are plenty of blind roll overs on trails where someone sitting in the middle of the trail is not visible from above.

        While dumb to stop somewhere you’re not visible from above, it’s not as dumb as standing around on the landing of a jump in a terrain park.

    • Anonymous

      Um no, how is this the same, when approaching a jump like this you have to assume no one is there, u don’t gain speed, CHECK THE LANDING, then hit it. Your going at it blind, on the trail if you hit someone you are the idiot for not going around them. I hope I find you on the landing someday.

  • anon

    This is pretty common to be honest. I’ve hit 3 different random people who were just taking a rest on the landing of a jump.

  • Montanawoods

    This is why every mountain needs to have park passes and someone checking at the entrance. I can only imagine how angry that mom got when in fact from what the video shows it was not the boarders fault at all.

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