America's 10 Most-Visited Ski Resorts


jan.24.10-2Photo by, Scott Limbird

America’s 10 Most-Visited Ski Resorts

The most popular ski resorts in the United States by annual skier visits.  

No. 1 – Vail Mountain, CO

Annual Skier Visits: 1,634,250

No. 2 – Breckenridge Ski Resort, CO

Annual Skier Visits: 1,600,750

No. 3 – Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, CA

Annual Skier Visits: 1,128,500

No. 4 – Keystone Resort, CO

Annual Skier Visits: 1,036,000

No. 5 – Steamboat Ski & Resort, CO

Annual Skier Visits: 923,576

No. 6 – Beaver Creek, CO

Annual Skier Visits: 919,000

No. 7 – Heavenly Mountain Resort, CA/NV

Annual Skier Visits: 890,750

No. 8 – Northstar California Resort, CA

Annual Skier Visits: 737,000

No. 9 – Snowmass, CO

Annual Skier Visits: 732,251

No. 10 – Okemo Mountain Resort, VT

Annual Skier Visits: 614,000


Note: Winter Park, Copper, Park City, Squaw Valley and Killington could have higher annual skier visits but they chose not to make their numbers made public.

  • austria

    they def. need a faster chair for 8 people!!! have u ever seen that? i was in whistler 2 years ago and never seen such long lift lines ever in my live and i’m skiing since I’m 3 years old… that even sucks on weekends and holidays when you pay 120 bucks for a daypass and can only take the lifts maybe 5 times in the whole day… skiing is so much more fun in austria ;) – they def. have a lot more and better, faster chair lifts than in whistler

  • Anonymous

    Breck lines this season were god aweful, even through the weekdays. The month of February was slammed which usually is a month of downtime before peak travel days.

  • Vanagonaught

    Just to back up what other people said. It’s true that you should not ski at vail on the weekends everyone who lives there knows what mountain to ski on what day. And if you end up on vail on a 24″ Saturday, we know what lifts to stay off of. Here’s a tip. Look at the map and figure out what lifts have the most runs coming together at the lift (Kinda how everything at Breck does) and don’t ski at those lifts. There’s something for everyone in vail. Yes it’s not super steep but I’m not sure anyone who skis steep stuff comes looking for that in vail. A major plus for having your home mountain on this list. I’m actuAlly able to make a decent living in eagle county (Vail). And able to buy rich peoples older cars so I too can look rich and as a result have better odds off pulling some vail tail. If my girlfriend lets me.

  • Anonymous

    Snowmass second to last? That’s fine with me. Keep all those assholes at that filthy truck stop clinging to the side of I70. More coaine for us! Eat a bag of baby dicks Vail, you suck!!

    • ahhh

      that is ‘cocaine’ you snomasshole, and we will eat all the deep powder dicks we want up here.. you are stuck on highway 82 with expensive weed and a bunch of know it all hollywood massholes like yourself .. stay away from our truck stops punk.

  • love it

    I love standing in lift lines. I can spend all day doing it. in fact i speed down the mountain as fast as possible just to stand in line again. it’s awesome. you get to check out everyone’s skis. you also get to talk about how much fun you’re having. saturday at 10:30am I hit the lines hard. got a gopro too. make some sick videos you bet.

  • Shawn

    Whistler Blackcomb was doing 2.2 million prior to the Olympics. During the Olympics less than 2 million.

  • Todd

    Top skier visits in North America is Whistler Blackcomb at around 2 million visits. Ranging from 1.6 million in 2010 during the Olympics to 2.2 million in the last decade or so.

  • Jeff

    Breckenridge should be #1. These numbers are probably old. Breckenridge is still open and has drawn a lot of numbers from the new expansion to Peak 6.

  • Yo

    It’s photos like the one up top that make me want to splitboard more and more every year. Gopros have turned everyone into snow bros wanting to get that 15 second shot so they can show friends how radical they are.


    Vail has the longest lift lines on the planet. The skiing is terrible, not sure what everyone is waiting for

    • bertrenolds

      it only sucks if your a gaper which obviously you are and have no idea where to go and when to go to avoild those lines. Obviously the village lift is a bad idea their is a parking ramp right there you idot, dont ski the front.

    • ff45726

      I live in Vail. Rarely wait in a line, go somewhere else if I think I will have to. That includes Saturday and Sunday. Breck on the other hand…

    • Jason

      Vail is by far the best mountain in CO, and that says a lot. Like others have said, if you don’t know where to go in Vail you’ll end up with all the other clueless people.

      • TJ Burke

        I give Vail more credit then many do for the skiing quality that can be found, but saying it’s “by far the best mountain in CO” is laughable.

      • cormac

        lol “best mountain in CO.” Definetly the flattest mountain in colorado and most crowded, but I wouldnt say its the best. Aspen is the best in CO, and the western US. best terrain, best lifts, best runs, and lifts you ski onto with no lift lines. It doesnt matter where you go on aspen there wont be lift lines.

    • Anonymous

      you can diss the lift lines if you want, but to say the skiing is terrible is just wrong. stupid comment

  • Zippy

    Damn glad my home hill isn’t on THAT list. Those snowflakes have already been skied on by someone else, I like mine untouched.

  • i feeel

    for the price of one pass at mammoth you can ski 6 of these resorts with the vailmart pass. What does that mean, longer lift lines an more gapes in your way.
    I say your best bet is to look at this list then stay as far away from those facilities as possible.

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