Watch: Ski Patrol Blow Up Breckenridge Smoke Shack


Following Inside Edition investigation into pot smoking skiers resort officials at Breckenridge decided to blow up famed smoke shack, Leo’s.   


  • Bruce

    I would venture to guess that it is a Federal Crime to use explosive on Federal land. I realize that ski patrollers are permitted to use explosives for avalanche control, but did were they authorized to use explosives to blow up a dwelling? I really hope there is a lawyer somewhere who has the time and where with all to pursue this matter. I am quite positive that the effects of consuming marijuana on Federal land are far less impactful than the ski patrollers using toxic explosives in our National Forests. How many animals were blown to smithereeens in the process? What are the effects on the watershed and soils from using the chemical explosives? Blahm blah, blah…as a drinker and a stoner I know for a fact that using marijuana while skiing is safe, enjoyable and one of the best things in the world. More than a couple beers and your skiing becomes hazardous to yourself and others. That being said, I’m off to the slopes with my medicine for a great day of teleskiing!

  • none ya

    fucking sucks. do the research. way, way, way, way more people DIE each year from booze than weed. know the facts. you can get a shot or beer on the hill but no puff. lame. boycott VR. stop buying passes everyone till they get their shit straight.

  • Yogi

    Everyone keeps bringing up how smoking weed is illegal on federal land……smoking is illegal on a federal level EVERYWHERE, not just on NFS land. It is bullshit to use that as your excuse to destroy a harmless piece of history. We need to track down that slimy fuck that decided to film this smear piece on LEGALIZED weed and pull out his fingernails one by one. Wait…… isn’t weed supposed to calm me down?

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  • Colorado Scotty

    That was a sad day!! It gives Patrolers a bad name. I have been a Patroler for 20 years and its the drunk crowds that cause the problems.
    Give the SMOKERS a break!!

  • your some time smoker

    lets be honest, this is the fault of the asshole(s) that picked up and wanted to incite the story in the first place. Inside edition is like any company, anything to stir up peoples emotions. thats exactly what i got from watching the snipet. the arrogance of the interviewer, and the retardedness of the two ‘snowboarders’.
    i agree with most of the comments about more smoking everywhere else besides the shacks and alcohol being way more available.
    imho, life is meant to be lived to the fullest. skiing is a ‘put your life at risk’ sport, damn them to hell if they wont let me smoke some and drink some. YOLO!!!

    p.s. the only time i wouldn’t consider smoking(still would drink) is heli or backcountry where dying is a higher probability.

  • Anonymous

    Whoever blew up that shack should clean up their mess. Its cool to watch and all, but pick up the remnants, piece by piece if you’re really interested in improving the USFS land.

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  • Vic

    100% Forest Service folks

    It’s a shame but hopefully a move towards on mountain ganja lounges. I know I’ll live long enough to see it. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

  • Got an opinion

    Breck’s gonna RFD all of the smoke shacks? Y’all really believe that? All that weed smoking is making you PARANOID.

  • its time

    to issue a fatwah on inside edition and vail resorts … take it easy folks !

    Given a couple years of impressive state retail revenue, vail resorts attorneys will be lobbying governor and congress to allow them to install marijuana smoking venues on mountain. nothing personal, its corporate now and money follows money.

    Until then, the construction of smoke shacks will continue no matter how many explosives you want to detonate….

    • Anonymous

      Yea … Don’t take it personal… It’s just business. Nothing is ever personal with corporations… It’s all about the money… Good thing they REALLY care about the people who ski/board on their mountains.

  • Sloth 420

    Vail resorts I understand why you did this, but if this was an effort to stop the use of marijuana at your mountains, this was the wrong approach. Now more people will be smoking on lifts and the woods (THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT YOU WANT). If you’re installing chips at the huts, INSTALL THEM AT THE BARS YOU HYPOCRITICAL MOTHERFUCKERS AND LEARN THAT PROHIBITION DOES NOT WORK.

  • Montucky

    Way to go inside edition! Now we are going to repeat the process of parents gettin pissed because people are smoking their ganja on the trails and chairlifts..then they will let people put of shacks. fuckin idiots

  • higgz

    Fuck inside edition, fuck those two dipshit snowboarders, and most of all fuck NSP and USFS. That’s a goddamn shame. To the people who fucked it up for the rest of us – I hope you cock-smokers choke on some fat black dick; you fucking idiots.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck inside edition, fuck those two dipshit snowboarders, and most of all fuck NSP and USFS. That’s a goddamn shame. To the people who fucked it up for the rest of us – I hope you choke to death smokin on some fat black dicks; you fucking idiots.

  • LobRobster

    Wow, big surprise that Vail is a shitty company. They called it “terrorism” when activists burned down a giant bar on top of Vail Mountain, so I guess this is how they get back at you pot smoking tree hugging kids!

  • Lindsey

    That was a cool hang. Sad to see it go. WP/MJ has the best hut network I have ever seen. Two of them have electricity in them. I see patrol come by every once in a while but they seem pretty chill. I hope they don’t get bomb happy (any more than they are with the cirque).

  • Johnny Roast Beef

    Way to make the mountain safer Breck patrol. It will be real safe when someone skis thru that area in a week with a foot of snow covering the many, many logs you knocked down and blew apart with this publicity stunt that just had to be filmed and released to satisfy Nancy Grace and Inside Edition. Just wondering how many standing trees came down in the explosion? So glad skier safety, and not Marketing and PR, are Breck Patrol’s highest priorities. I have tremendous respect for most patrols, but wow you guys are a f-ing joke and a giant embarrassment to NSP and patrolers everywhere!

    • Anonymous

      Your ignorant. It’s on federal land. The patrollers Dnt give a shit. If it was up to them it would still be there. Hense it being there for so long. Once the media spotlight was shined on it, federal officials had to make a change. Because pot smoking is illegal ofederal land. Your dogging pro patrollers and nsp’ers for no reason.

      • Anonymous

        You should probably use the grammatically correct form of ‘you’re’ if you’re going to use it in a sentence in which you call someone ignorant. Just an observation~

      • there their they're

        Typos are just part off life now. My Swype gets things wrong all the time like you’re your and yore.

      • SkyG

        Hmm. You should probably use the grammatically correct form of ‘you’re’ if you’re going to use it in a sentence where you call someone ignorant.

  • Allbizzness

    There’s prolly more to this story…. unsafe structure, liability issues with insurance, i doubt most ski patrollers give a rat’s ass about pot smoking. somethin’s not adding up with story. A shame to see it go tho.

    • Dexter

      Structure was safe, there was no “liability issues with insurance”, patrollers love rats asses and smoking pot, so there is nothing more to the story except for the patroller who had to get 5 stiches from flying debris.

  • Buzznut

    My ranking of the knobs in that video:

    1) Whomever showed Inside Edition the smoke shack
    2) Inside edition
    3) tweedledee and twedledum (the GAPER snowboarders)

    Special Addition to the list:
    4) My knob after checking out the Cannabis Club Smokeshow

    • mr deeds

      yes, my knob also hurt after purchasing at BC2 – dirty hippie girls made me forget about leo’s pretty fukin quik!


    As an employee, I feel like everyone should know. VR has just installed season pass IR chip sensors in up to 32 huts between Key, Breck, Vail & BC.

  • Anon

    Is it legal to use avalanche explosives for non-hazard reduction activities on federal land? Can anyone go out and blow something up on protected land? What was the damage to the surrounding environment? Will a fine be imposed for improper use? Law officials, lookin at you.

  • ej

    USFS blew this hut up it was not a decision on Vail Resorts part. Vail could care less about all the huts on their mountains. BTW Fuck whoever showed inside Edition this shack and i hope future locations will stay more hidden and local secrets from all these GAPERS. and make no mistake those 2 riding with inside edition after smoking are GAPERS-Guaranteed Accident Prone Every Run- whether they are smoking or not.

      • humpday

        You Mr. anonymous post on 2-26-14 are a superior genius to think the USFS does not have the ability to blow things up.

      • Anonymous

        If you work ski patrol at a mountain that uses charges to mitigate avalanche hazards, you gave a blasted license.

      • Anonymous

        No you dont. You’re an idiot I have worked in slope maintenance at a resort for years. Those guys dont have “blasting licences”! They take avalanche classes that train them on how and where to use charges, but I assure u their is no “blasting licence for patrolled.

  • gotsnow

    horrible! Somebody spend a LOT of time on that masterpiece. And skier and going to smoke in the woods whether or not they have a sweet shack to do it in.

  • Anonymous

    really? that place was a pretty amazing structure…and those guys on inside edition were acting a fool after smoking, I mean come on, getting in a collision with each other (which looked on purpose) in front of a news camera reporting about how pot and skiing is a dangerous combo?…fuckin morons

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