Not Cool Man, Not Cool....


Not Cool Man, Not Cool.


  • UshouldStayHome

    Wow!! I am pretty sure the comments are by a bunch of Wii wankers with their 2 weekends a year on the slopes. Not quite as the punters who actually posted and hosted this CRAP. Truer words have never been stated … NOT COOL

  • bertrenolds

    I thought the skier was gonna spray him or something but he obviously sucks so much he doesn’t know how to turn and took out his buddy. Maybe his friend stole a girl from him the night before at the bar? Or maybe he should learn how to ski before he starts taking video with his gobro. If you wanna give me your camera I can show you how to use it without looking like an ass. Down hill always has the right away, skier or snowboarder it doesn’t matter, this guy sucks at skiing!

  • Waxking

    do any of you douchebag skiers know the code of whoever is down hill has the right of way fuck that punk ass skier

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