Guy Sticks Big Line to Save Skier Buried in an Avalanche.


Be careful out there. Video of an avalanche in East Vail.

“Go Pro footage of an avalanche and skier rescue in the East Vail Chutes backcountry” – Edwin LaMair

  • Anonymous

    glad brother is ok. good take home point…..from report, they dropped in late afternoon close to sunset in bad weather. due to injuries, they did not get out until 8 at night. should they have skied sketchy snow pack, in poor weather late in the day??? Use this next time you are in similar situation.

  • Anonymous

    Being a good skier does not automatically make one avalanche savvy.
    Sure he ripped that line like a boss, but he had to, they already fucked up standard protocols in avalanche terrain.

    Glad the dude is alright.

  • Prick

    As we already learned from that Tahoe rescue video from last season, and as we see again here, the crucial, first step in any sucessful avalanche rescue? Take off your gloves.

  • Good Moves

    Amzing composure to get to him. However, that was his ski partner. They split up and never had eyes on each other. They are very lucky to have him slide right into their view. Baller nontheless.

    • JT Pow

      Not just his partner, his brother(blood). I’m sure that line didn’t look so big with the thoughts of calling his mother about a lost family member.
      I second the no pole straps, even though I have a few mismatched sets of poles. In deep snow, buried poles attached to your wrist under your body can feel like a straight jacket…………not worth a pole or two.

  • No Spam

    Anyone else stunned that the guy skis directly up to the buried guy, no search needed! Amazingly lucky! And amazingly lucky the buried guy’s head was above the snow!!

  • whats up with this

    Notice : The comments section of our site was having a bad day.
    You are not blocked or banned and you should be able to comment now.

  • TGR

    according to the victims post he had his avalung in his mouth and it got ripped out during the slide. He said he later got it back into his mouth but it was clogged with snow. I also believe that was his brother in the video.

    Good thing he was able to spot him from here he was and ya.. pretty baller line to stick for the rescue.

  • bunker

    Lucky guy. Would love to hear beta as to whether he had his avilung in his mouth while skiing (and sliding). This is a good example to support the school of thought around the only way they can be effective is to ski with the mouthpiece in at all times.

    • King of Beach

      “When in doubt, keep it in your mouth.”

      Someone said that in regards to other situations, but it applies to Avalangs too.

  • Buzznut

    Any chance that video can get the resolution increased so that we can see the avalanche that he sees in the distance?

    As a former East Vail regular, it is good to see capable and competent skiers back there. These days there are too many intermediates following tracks and getting in over their heads. Kudos to the guys who took the video and saved the victim.

    • Cm

      These guys were obviously not competent if they allowed there buddy to party a line with no backup. This is classic foolery that exist s back in EV.

      • Incorrect.

        You’re not competent to make a worthwhile judgement/comment if you can’t figure out in which context to use the word “there” or “their”. Clearly, by watching that homie stick his line like a boss, he was competent.

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