Went to Alta to see what skiers thought about opening Alta to snowboarding. It was like going back in time to the 1980s.



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Alta is one of three remaining ski resorts in America that prohibits snowboarders, along with nearby competitor Deer Valley and Vermont’s Mad River Glen.

“Went to Alta to see what skiers thought about opening Alta to snowboarding. It was like going back in time to the 1980s.” - by SnowboardAlta

Read more at Alta IS For Skiers | Official Response From Alta


  • Govy Rat

    Of course the gentlemen with Surface and Causwell signed it. If Alta opens to snowboarders//Im riding high cascade in the summer.

  • skydivr420

    what a bunch of ignorant FUCKTARDS!!! I hope they all get cancer and die! Most of them should have been aborted at birth! Stupid kuntz!

  • Whistralian Chiver

    If Alta keeps more Geriatric Gapers (which is only prevalent in Skiing) away from the other mountains, that can only be a good thing. Except for the riders who live near Alta obviously. Some day soon enough, they’ll all die and the alpine world will move forward as a whole.

  • skiingute

    I could care less one way or the other about the matter. I ski Alta, and there are a lot of places that boarders wouldn’t even be able to get to without unstrapping and creating postholes with every step. Let em ride there. Good luck on the high-t, and have fun on the rope tow. That being said, Alta does have a lot of ignorant folks that don’t know any better either. Shitty snowboarders and shitty skiers go hand in hand. One creates sideways bumps, and the other scours it down to ice sheets. There are assholes on both sides of the equation, and nothing is going to change that. Pick your poison…

  • bigislandgrrl

    I think y’all (skiers and snowboarders alike) deserve a little taste of your own medicine. Most of you have no problem fighting to close off land to snowmobiling – we have to fight just to keep the limited areas we are allowed open! On PUBLIC LAND! Talk about “allowing everybody “. And ” rights for everyone”.

  • Steve B

    I’d like to try it. No offense to snowboarders at all, but terrain lines are altered when it’s a skiers only mountain. I remember skiing Taos years back (when it was skiers only) and thought the mogul lines were superior.

    And whoever is dropping the “discrimination” argument needs leave that alone right away. That’s just ignorant of what REAL discrimination means.

  • Alex van Shred

    I’m a skier and I sometimes like to make fun of my snowboard friends. Which happens the other way around as well. But this is freaking ridiculous.
    These are the peope freeskier and snowboarder should unite against…

  • steezwiz

    since it’s nation forest service land can you legally split board or snowshoe up the mountain and then snowboard down? if so utah snowboarders should organize a chinese downhill.

  • Michael Scott

    “i’m prejudice against adolescent males” haha
    “I don’t like the sorry dude”

    Who are these people?

  • Scott

    should have asked Workers at Alta for the reasoning. I think them trying to defend alta would be almost as dumb as the other skiers

  • A.L.T.A

    Anyone who has been to Alta should know that ALTA stands for “another long traverse again.” To get to the best ski areas on the mountain you need to traverse a fair distance. IMO, snowboarders would have difficulty with this and would slow people down. The topography of the mountain favors skiers.

  • i ski alta erry-day

    Title should be “Shit Alta BEATERS say about snowboarding”, including the beaters who made this biased video

  • Heather

    I can see why boarders want to come here … Alta has terrain and snow that you just can’t get anywhere else. I don’t have any problem if they allow boarders on the beginner and intermediate lifts, but honestly (other than the few that are in the movies) most boarders are just not that good. Besides, they usually smell funny and some of them are a little twitchy.

  • mdog.

    Alta is all mougals . it would suck to snowboard. I skied the supper park jumps at Bachelor and all you pussy snowboarders threw a hissy fit. “snow boarders only”. deal with it your not doing this because Alta has the best snow on earth, your doing it for attention. If its that big of a deal rent some skis and go to alta I promise you will have fun.

  • rileseven

    Start a Snowboard only Mountain – We will stay away and you can have it all to yourself. Do it on Forest Service land too. Want to experience Alta – Rent some skis. Life isn’t fair. Grow up.

  • Dan

    If I was a boarder in Utah, I’d be more then happy to give up Alta to keep these pricks grouped together and out of other resorts.

  • JuanTomas

    Alta is the best thing snowboarders could ask for! It consolidates all the douche bag asshole nazi skiers into one place where we dont have to deal with them. The bird is the snowboarders!!!

  • BEA

    We need more resorts that DO NOT ALLOW SNOWBOARDERS. Snowboarders have ruined the sport. They rip around the mountain, careless and without respect. I am tired of it. It would be great to have resorts just for snowboarders, and others just for skiers. We just do not mix well.

  • Hate Snowboarders with a Passion!!!

    NO WAY – NEVER!!!!!
    Snowboarders have brought the getto into a respectable sport. So why would Alta ever want to change?
    You guys are a bunch of idiots, typical snowboarding crowd that just cannot understand.

  • Anonymous

    F-Alta! Those were some of the most ridiculously ignorant and embarrassing statements I’ve ever heard come out of humans mouths.

    Not one of those so-called “skiers” talking like KKK members could keep up with the snowboarders I grew up with on a traverse, let alone down a fall line.

    It would be far more dangerous walking through that parking lot full of people carry their skis backwards like toddlers than being on the same mountain with a bunch of pow slaying, groomer arcing Snowboarders.

    What a bunch a jokers! Alta, never have, never will.

  • LOL

    I think its funny they hate snowboarders so much with all those petty fake reasons. I’ve met nice boarders and skiiers and its all nice until someone decides to be an asshole when everyone is all there to just have FUN! In the end of the day people will continue to be ignorant meanwhile on Xgames the snowboarders are the ones pushing the sport by hitting bigger jumps and doing more flips or rotations. When skiiers say ; “They”, “Them”, “Those People” really it’s no different than racism. Just because someone is different, lets hate them all.

    People need to just get along and share what god gave us. That fresh pow.

  • Andrew Griffith

    Why can’t skiiers and snowboards just play nice? I propose a compromise… why don’t you just try a PHNX Board? If a pair of skis and a snowboard had a baby this would be the result. The board is fast, fun, inexpensive, and can be used practically anywhere (not just resorts). Plus it just looks cool!

    - Andrew

  • King Ski

    It is all about class.
    Skiing used to be something that was out of reach to most people because of the price. Snowboarding has provided the lower class, gangsta clothes wearing graffiti artist the opportunity to mingle with folks they are normally segregated from. It is no surprise we don’t get along.

    80% of all paid lessons in the 2012/2013 season were for SKIING.This goes to show that boarders, who make up almost 50 % of all lift ticket purchases don’t take the time to learn mountain etiquette.

    Most boarders suck anyway, they can’t handle the steep stuff or bumps.The reason you see them complain about gaping skiers is because they aren’t good enough to ride tougher terrain. Boarders also equate speed with skill, which is another reason why they think all skiers suck. The truth of the matter is that most boarders are better than the beginner skiers, but most intermediate skiers are better than the average boarder. Slow newb gapers in the way of the boarders and mediocre boarders in the way of the real skiers.Maybe in 20 years or so the skill of the boarder will increase and the skiers won’t be so bothered by it.

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