Classic Post: Getting Laid in a Ski Town


So you’ve moved to Whistler to dirtbag for the winter. You’re a ripper skier, you’ve got some quasi sponsors and a Gopro and you think you’re the shit. Party every night, ski every day…in Whistler.

But tell me this, CAN YOU GET LAID?

Probably not, no matter what you tell your bros. And I’m not talking about drunken, barely memorable sex. I’m talking about good sex…sex with hot women that lasts more than five minutes. Afternoon sex; the kind you skip after-ski beers for. Oh, you don’t want to miss havin’ a beer with yer buddies at the shithole Crystal Lounge? Well go fu*k yourself then. Enjoy the Seven Eleven burrito, cheap beer and sleeping on the couch in your ski clothes, douchefag. Meanwhile your buddy is off to some local yoga girl’s hot tub having tantric sex and eating a fine meal – all in time for a good night’s sleep and freshies in the a.m.

And trust me when I say that I know what I’m talking about. I have enjoyed all that Whistler has to offer, from skiing classic lines to picking up the local bartender. And this town is lucrative. But being a skid just won’t cut it.

So let’s start with some basics. First off, pull your freaking pants up, you idiots. Do you really think chicks, even snowboard chicks, actually like it when you wear your pants below your arse? Jesus man. You’re not in prison. Women don’t want a little skid boy who looks as if he’s shit himself. They want a man. I’ve spoken to a lot of women in this town from fresh off the boat 20 year-olds to the 35 year-old yoga instructors and they all say the same thing: Sure, there are lots of boys in Whistler, but there are no MEN.

I’m not asking you to give up your dirtbag status. You can keep that. But if you want to get laid, then stop acting like a little skid boy and start being a man. Ski hard, sure. But maybe put some deodorant on, learn to get a woman off and don’t express pride to a broad at how cool you are ‘cause you can’t pay your rent and you live off Kraft Dinner and Chef Boyardee. And maybe, just maybe, stop smoking so much goddamn weed all the time. Save it for the climbs when you’re out in the backcountry with the boys. If I approach a woman stoned out of my tree bragging about how big an air I hucked she’ll roll her eyes and tell me she has to go to the bathroom.

That’s this week’s top tip: Pull up your pants and respect yourself a little more. Maybe get on the moderate drug and alcohol program. Wear a belt, build a little stamina for the bedroom and shave once in a while. This may sound ridiculous, but by god it works. And there’s nothing better than capping off an epic day with a good shag and warm meal.

  • CamInUT

    Can I add that if your ski clothes look like you color-coordinated them or if they are “resort-fashionable” we’re gonna get turned off, cause chances we ski gals don’t even care if our own ski clothes look good. So your military-style Burton jacket and matching pants with too many zippers are not attractive.

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  • Ski Bum

    Funny post, true, and very good advice. Those old rules of losing your turn and the goods are odd, don’t make sense anymore. If there are 10 guys to every girl, there’s really only 2 guys to each girl. 8 out of 10 of those guys can’t hold a job, look and smell like crap, don’t show up on time (or at all), smoke way too much weed, don’t have a car that works (or has insurance) and has no prospect of becoming anything. Therefore, the majority of those girls will gravitate to the two guys that “get it”
    So…getting laid in a ski town is easy if you follow Joe Skier’s advice. Well put! Oh by the way, most guys won’t listen, so it just makes it easier for the guys that do! Pull up your pants, bathe, shave, treat girls with respect and you WILL catch one.

  • GW

    Well Ruby,
    Women in a ski town are often times much like the snow-pack, despite being ridden often they are still extremely unstable. Also whenever you have a good run with the ladies in a town like Whistler, you just end up landing in some other dudes bomb-hole.

  • rubyrampaige

    Life in a ski town, from a woman’s perspective:

    The odds are good but the goods are odd!!

    even w/ a hottub!
    Hippity Hoppity,Hippity Hoppity!!

  • Don't choke your kony

    I understand now that you have some ads on your site you want to boost the hits for some revenue… but if I wanted to read old articles I would search for them on my own

  • Anonymous

    So hey, in my 4th grade teach tells me to pull up my trousers and tighten my belt., was I missing something?

  • huckwheat

    Living in Squaw i met my wife when she was a weekend warrior from SF…….she and her friends always wanted to meet local guys and always wondered why they didn’t…….then she learned we were always either working or home drinking in hot tub……luckily I met her on a lift.

    My point, make some effort boys, the tourists are ripe for some effort from local guys.

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  • rista

    Amen… And guys, YAY, its great you can shred but please… The sun doesn`t shine out of your arse and it never will! So listening to your play by play gnar demolition of the day, all night, is not going to get more than a fake “get me the hell out of her” call from a friend.

    I don`t know why your pants don`t stay up the legs are god damn skinny enough. And if you must show your underwear, wash them.

  • Whistler SAFE Clinic

    AND… A friendly message from the *busy* doctor at the Whistler SAFE Clinic… Wear a condom, every time.
    About 10% of young adults in Whistler have Chlamydia; about 1 in 5 adults in BC have genital herpes; up to 80% of adults have been exposed to one of the genital wart viruses – and most DON’T KNOW that they are infected with an STI. Soooo, whether you wear your pamts low or high, when you drop ’em wear a condom – every time, and for the Entire time. Put it on for any skin to skin genital contact, AND for oral sex too (that’s what the flavoured ones atr for). For going down on her, cut one lengthwise and use it as a barrier. They’re are not perfect protection, so also get tested regularly (for Chlamydia, Ghonorrea, Syphillis & HIV).
    ’tis true. No shit.

  • mikeynix

    Yeah! That’s right ya sex crazed retrobates! Buy yourself a collared shirt and tuck it into your khakis like the rest of us respectable, whistler-based tantric sex gurus…

  • sigh

    once again the writers of unofficial express themselves in the tone of a pissed off 15 year old boy. Looks like a shred skid took your girl or something buddy. My pants are low and my girl is fine. We have that ‘tantric yoga sex’ shit or whatever you’re talking about all the time. I smoke weed daily. And am probably a way better shredder than you. I’ll go back to being a successful dirtbag in my endeavors, and you can keep writing about how much better I am than you. Peace.

  • RJ

    I’m sure you’ve all heard these two jokes:

    -If you’re a dude in a relationship and your girl leaves you: you don’t get dumped, you just lose your turn.

    -If you’re a dudette in a ski town seeking a dude: the odds are good but the goods are odd.


  • another blackcomb lifty

    most frustrated man in whistler, bet he peels the labels off his bottles. Seriously dude, you want amazing sex with some hot chick leave Whistler, we ALL came for the riding, and if you can’t find powder then start learning all the stashes…. the only real chick you’ll find in Whistler is the one you brought with you haha!

    • hahaha

      ur a lifty! hahahaha. thanks for getting those chairs up and running so i can shred all ur lines.
      ps.. im so much better than u!

  • Adolf Oliverbush

    Looks like Unofficial Whistler is finally stepping up the game and joining the ranks of Unofficial Squaw. Great freakin article!!!!!!

  • skid girl

    so much frustration you got there body , did your chix went with a little skid boy instead of you ? ahah

    • Anonymous

      First loser, learn how to spell and speak english. I’ve been here for 18yrs and have forgotten more woman than you’ll ever get. He’s dead right, but keep being you makes my life even easier!

      • caribooloo

        haha. that was awesome; the fool for “being him self” and lining up a beautiful response, as well as the women (ah thank you). ill drink my caribooloo, get dirty, real dirt-bag dirty, but stick to tradition; trimmed beard or shave, deodorant and – of course – some good ol’ sexin’.

        — but strap up gentlemen (and senior anonymous above ) ex; 18 years in whistler will make you scratch yo’ dick like a horse fly bite on the thick meat of yo’ ass cheek.

  • that guy

    “Meanwhile your buddy is off to some local yoga girl’s hot tub having tantric sex and eating a fine meal – all in time for a good night’s sleep and freshies in the a.m.”
    I’m going to claim being ‘buddy’ haha
    thats a good and funny post

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