Squaw Valley Season Wrap Up Video by Aaron Fox


Aaron Fox season wrap up video from Squaw Valley.

  • Agent P

    Skater. Your mom says to finish your pop tart, turn the down the volume on Sponge Bob and be nice.

    • Truckee guy

      Yup, my thoughts exactly. Skater needs some love or something! I don’t think he’s getting laid anytime soon!

  • skater

    Most American girls are fat, slutty feminists who dress like slobs. Men should boycott them to start putting them in their place and to
    encourage them to improve.

    Here are some ways to insult American girls:

    1. If she is fat, say:

    “Are you pregnant?”


    “Are you sure you should be eating that?”


    “Have you looked in the mirror recently?”

    2. When you are near a fat chick, use your mobile phone by pretending that you are talking to a friend and complain loudly about how disgusting fatties are.

    3. If she has a tattoo, make a disgusted face, and say:

    “Is that a bug or dirt on your skin?”


    “I thought tattoos were only for bikers, criminals, or whores.”


    “Girls who get tattoos because everyone else has one are like lemmings. Would you jump off a bridge because everybody else did?”


    “I hear that there are laser tattoo removal clinics. You should go to one.”


    “I thought you looked pretty hot until I saw that tattoo.”


    “That tattoo will look really good when you are 70.”

    4. If she smokes, say:

    “Gross! Smoking is such a turn-off. Lung cancer is not sexy.”

    5. If she wears flip-flops, say:

    “Wow, girls in other countries like Russia and Brazil care about their appearance and dress like women.”

    6. If she has short hair, say:

    “Excuse me, are you a man?”

  • Truckee guy

    Entertaining video. Worth the watch and good music and effects.
    1. Skiing, good but not great. Fischer RC4’s in park?! Sick.
    2. Spraying people for no reason. Dumb unless it was a set up.
    3. A+ for the dog. Buy that dog a beer!
    4. Yelling at the snowboarder, dumb and rude. Not cool, unless that was a set up too.
    At this point because of the lack of content in the last couple of weeks, it was fun to watch. I’m OK with the East Coasters as long as they become West Coasters in attitude and vibe. Mellow out a little…

  • notstupid

    spray the wrong person like that, whether there on skis or a board and youll get your fucking knees busted and not beable to ski again. And a mediocre edit

  • Larry OG

    I ride with the guy and I’ve got a lot of respect for Fox. Of course there will be internet haters. it’s easy to run your mouth when your behind the computer screen. Most people wouldn’t even step to most of those lines. He made a lot of those look way easier than they are.

    Well done buddy!

  • トリーバーチ 鞄

    簡単な、心臓トレーニングも潜在的な顧客DHT の削減。何プロバイダーおく必要がありますに存在労働力に支援それら成功するですか?何可能性があります動作私にとっては、可能性可能性がありますない動作の誰も他。肝臓は拡大の膨満感と腹部黄色の舌。

  • Gunnilove

    Sick dude, nice stomps.. All these nay sayers remind me of people heckling from the lift; everyone’s a pro when they’re not on snow. Get it together and support your fellow skiers and riders, damnit!

    • I'm critical because you suck

      So every skier should support every other skier? Even when they are skiing dangerously, and putting others in harms way? I for one say fuck that. These kids need to be put in their place. Willingness to throw yourself down a difficult line, does not mean you are a talented skier since you survived.. I have been around long enough to see too many skiers like this filming everything, thinking they are going somewhere, and making a name for themselves. When in actuality they are on a road to nowwhere besides injury. Personally I don’t have any interest watching shitty (most of this edit) skiing that’s only purpose is to be captured on film. It’s not what the sport is about. Get better and make it look pretty with good hand positioning, and then maybe just maybe one day someone with a real camera will film you! Until then I don’t want to look at you pretending to be a pro skier, and even worse thinking this ski edit is the shit

      • Larry OG

        So don’t watch the edit then. Go support something you do like instead. Hate is a disease and you’re spreading it.

  • mac

    some really good stuff but spraying gapers wasnt cool ten years ago when snowboarders thought it was, and it’s still not

    plus yelling at the scared snowboarder could have been a little more good natured… im sure you wouldnt appreciate similar shouts when good park skiers watched you straight slide rails and fs 2 out..just sayin..

  • I'm critical because you suck

    Garbage. Ugly hucks, tricks with no style on kids jumps. Basically really hard to watch. Please learn how to turn before you start sending cliffs. Lastly it’s one thing to spray someone, but recording it on video, and then putting it on the internet shows your lack of intelligence. Mom is calling in Boston, run along now.

  • charles

    Some good lines in there but I have to say, If you are going to spray that many people, you should be ripping a lot harder. Candide’s video caught a lot of shit for similar antics and he’s the best in the sport. Just sayin…

  • Skatz

    Should have stuck with the first song. That poppy dubstep bullshit mixed with gopro audio makes me want to gouge my ears out. Why the fuck do gopros have mics if it only sounds like plastic chopsticks falling in a bucket.

  • Random

    This dude is a mediocre skier with a gopro and the attitude to match. Only gapers spray gapers. Hard to believe it was just a couple of years ago when unofficial had the best mountain content on the web.

    • CK

      I remember seeing this kid’s edit from last season. It was better in every way. It’s a shame he’s gotta be a dick to people and then publicize it himself. Any time you start a skiing edit with a Kevin Garnett quote it’s gonna be dumb.

    • Nottellin

      It was cool how they showed the dog in the meadow with grass and then filled in white. Nice touch! Don’t grade don’t judge, not a go pro er…. Sometimes have to but don’t like it. Remember it. Or film it. The dudes a good skier doing his thing , having fun. No Shane or nothing or Jamie RIP. he’s just having fun. I do remember when UN. Was super rad tho too…. For all the go pros ya see, surprised there isn’t more. ………. See lots if gos around dude it’s shady

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