Who in the hell steals an entire chair? Hard core Czech dudes, that’s who... According to the Prague Daily Monitor, an entire ski lift has been stolen in the Northern Bohemian town of Desná in the Czech Republic on May 7th, 2012. Yeah, the whole damn thing... The steel support structures, three posts, a pulley, and a 1.0 kilometer long cable were taken.



Classic Post: Whole Ski Lift STOLEN in Czech Republic...


Desná ski resort. Was it this lift?

Who in the hell steals an entire chair?  Hard core Czech dudes, that’s who…

According to the Prague Daily Monitor, an entire ski lift has been stolen in the Northern Bohemian town of Desná in the Czech Republic on May 7th, 2012.  Yeah, the whole damn thing…

The steel support structures, three posts, a pulley, and a 1.0 kilometer long cable were taken.

Desná looks nice. Hope they try to steal this thing.

The stolen lift must be smallerish as it was only netted to worth 200,000 crowns or $10,236.64 USD.

We’re pretty sure that the police are somewhat amused by this, but they are also investigating the theft thoroughly.  They’re trying to figure out if the thieves are gonna use the lift somewhere else or if they’re gonna just dismantle it and sell the parts.

This theft carries a sentence of up to 5 years in prison.

Worth it tho.  Imagine having your own, private, free ski lift.  We applaud this action!  …no, no we don’t.

Desná, Czech Republic is on the big red “A”

play with Desná map.

  • Dental Floss Tycoon

    sooo….. if they get caught are they going to lose their pass?
    or just have to watch a safety video

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  • July

    Czech republic as many other former Eastern Bloc countries are now fully westernized countries and should be considered part of the so-called “west”. Well, except that the so-called “Western Europe” wants to see all Slavs to be considered Eastern Europe forever.

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  • Bob Campbell

    Saw an entire Gondola installed at Stratton Mtn. in Vermont USA in less than 4 hours. 15 towers and the entire cable strung. But …. it was done with a skycrane helicopter and a five person ground crew. This chair was an easy haul for one night. Three /four towers easy … release tension on cable then release cable from pulleys / unbolt towers from the cement footings, timber. Hardest part of job would be dealing with the cable. Ever watch “Man on a Wire” Tight wire between the two world trade buildings. Anything can be done with the right skills, planning and timing. Somebody had a great fun evening and a memory that will last a lifetime. What a great thing to tell your grandchildren. “One time when ….. I stole a chair lift…..”

  • SkiAlyeska

    The resort right next to here just announced it is putting in a new used chairlift for the 12-13 season!

  • brian

    Unofficial guys: this is your most popular article ever because it’s almost exclusive reporting on the American Internet. If you google “stolen ski lift” you get mainly ski-blog articles which I bet got the story here.

    (for the sake of my point, let’s ignore the fact that the story is fucking awesome and no normal human could not click the link)

    Moral: digging into corners like the Prague daily news or whatever is awesome for hits- way better than top 10s about god knows what. This is the kind of shit we love you for… Ski news that we wouldn’t know otherwise.

    I mean, there are Czech dudes arguing about geography on this board right now… That’s a pretty big step up in audience from chimney comments or kirkwood thug life bullshit

    Keep up the good work

  • mwwalker

    This somewhat sounds like an insurance scam… I mean come on the whole chair lift. Someone had to have noticed it being removed and it being worth only $10000 USD.

  • mike


  • krystof

    Fuck you, maybe we are stealing ski lifts, maybe we are drungs etc. etc, but at least we are not fat ugly americans spending most time eating and conquering the world feeling like a boses.

  • Adam

    Love it. Really brought me back to those dysfunctional days the in the Czech Republic. No place like it.
    Naaaaaaaa ZZZZZZdraví

  • Squirrel Murphy

    so these guys were riding the lift and said, “hey guys, we don’t have enough money for our season pass next year, what are we gonna do?” “We gotta sell some shit, but what could we sell?” “We already sold that telephone pole for this years passes.” “Guys, hear me out here, this is gonna sound like a lot of work but let me finish, aren’t you guys sick of riding this old rickity lift? I think it’s time they get a new one. Let’s help them out with that.”

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  • SkiAlyeska

    A couple days ago I was watching the news on Czech tv (i am part Czech.) from the video that they showed, it looked like the chair lift was hella old. BUT in Czech republic people do crazy shit (someone once stole a power line tower, one of those huge ones) and they get shitloads of money from selling it as scrap metal.

  • MTNJ

    The latest reports from the Police say that they believe to have a recorded conversation from the suspects cell phone. In this conversation two adults can be heard talking about the lift, how much they like it, and deliberating about it’s value. Though it isn’t till the very end of the conversation that the main suspect made his intentions very clear, by his last words being “CZTO”. an acronym for what the police believes is “CZECH THIS OUT” !

  • Sigh

    I can almost guarantee they stole it to scrap the metal..Scrap prices are incredibly high for what it is (scraps of metal). Just last summer in Tennessee or Kentucky a bunch of rednecks stole a fucking bridge…They went and took the entire thing apart with torches etc and were planning to scrap it for something like $20,000. Seems cheap for a bridge but people are willing to do anything just to not have to work.

    • Spidermoose

      You call tearing apart an entire bridge “not working”????
      I would say if someone is willing to work hard like that he expects also a good pay but most companies are so god damn cheap that it is paying much better to take a bridge or lift if you are doing tough labour :D

  • Skiinpow420

    I think no one is seeing the underlying issue that even if you do get caught it’s only 5 years in prison…

  • Ian

    Ten grand must go a long way in the Czech Republic because you couldn’t pay me 20 to steal even the smallest lift I’ve been on. Those bastards are crazy.

      • Anonymous

        politically it was behind the iron curtain, so yeah, it’s generally considered part of eastern europe.

      • Jackie

        It´s central Europe, look, nice right in the middle, the Iron Curtain did not changed the geography knowhuamsayin´?

      • CH

        well yes it is.
        CZ (not CR) may not be completely to the east of austria which would leave it on the border to eastern europe. but central and western europe already counts it to the «eastern block»
        I’m European, I guess I should know :)

      • aaaaaaaaa

        Geographicly the CENTRAL POINT of Europe is in the middle of Poland so nope. Czech Republic is not Eastern europe. The region is called Central east. as in Central first, than east part of it.

      • .....

        yes geographically it is central, but politically it is considered Eastern Europe

      • kocab22

        central point of Europe is in Ukraine. Im from Czech Republic, for me it doesnt metter if you call it middle or east Europe, the main thing is that we not Russians. If you will call someone from Czech as Russian it will be big fail.. Politically we are democratic, but coruption is on high level so people dont really trust to politics here… You can find many many historical relics in CZ (CR) and its deffinetly worth it to visit us. :)

      • jayjay

        CR means Ceska republika, which is the name of the country in czech language. CZ is international country code ;)

      • binarydivided

        CR stands for Ceska Republika, which means Czech Republic.
        I guess you’re the one without the major in geography now… see what I did there?

      • Rad

        Well, there is several “central points” of Europe and few of them is in Czech republic so it’s definitely in Central Europe.
        I’m Czech, I guess I should know ;-)

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