Bomb Snow TV: Episode Three "Oro Y Plata"

Directed & Produced by: Radbots & Bridger Brigade

Edited by: Sean Fithian & Axel Peterson

Filmed by: Radbots & Bridger Brigade


Hank William III
“Country Heroes”

The Builders and the Butchers
“Black Dresses”

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats
“13 Candles”

Benji Stone
“White Powder Mountains”

  • dumbguyfromsomewhere

    Good tunes. Great shredding. Why I tune in to UO.
    YO Mystery Ranch, LOVING the disc golf bag

  • Dan O'Callahan

    What kind of money is montana tourism giving you guys?! That was definitely not montana, has to be BC and AK! I even saw some Aspen sidecountry in there. Back in my day when I was shredding lines with Banana Pants at Squaw we didn’t ski on this side or zat side but right in the fucking middle. Grow some balls Bomb Snow and party with me.

    • PowGasm

      This is Montana.
      I’ve been to these places in the video.
      I’ve been VERY drunk at the bar featured in this video.

      You will never figure out where this is in Montana.

      Give you a hint:
      Not at a resort…

      Grow some balls and venture outside of the resort.

  • PowGasm

    The pillows these boys are hitting are way sicker than the one Tannie Hall was calling “The funnest runs of the year.” Better lines and airs.

    These boys are ripping it up in Montana!!!

    Great vid.

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