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Glen Plake Survives Massive Avalanche | 9 Killed on Mount Manaslu



The group of skiers who were attempting to climb and ski Mount Manaslu  (Glen Plake To Ski the 8th Tallest Mountain in the World) were hit by a massive avalanche at 7,000m as they were preparing to head toward the summit. Details are sketchy at the moment but it has been confirmed that 9 are dead. Bad weather with thick clouds are hampering the rescue efforts.

Glen Plake gave EpicTV the following graphic account of what happened when the avalanche hit his camp in the middle of the night.

“Greg and I were in a tent together, Rémy was in another. It was 4:45am and I was in my sleeping bag with my headlamp on reading my devotional when we heard a roar. Greg looked at me and said, “That was a big gust of wind,” then a second later, “No, that was an avalanche.”

Then it hit us.

I was swept 300 meters over a serac and down the mountain and came to a stop still in my sleeping bag, still inside the tent. We all went to sleep with avalanche transceivers on so I punched my way out of the tent and started searching.

Searched for 10 minutes when I realized I was barefoot.

Greg was using my down suit for a pillow and I found my suit, I found everything that was in my tent – camera, sleeping bag, ski boots, it was like someone had thrown my gear in the back of a pickup – but there was no sign of Greg. Rémy and his tent are nowhere to be found.”

Our condolences to the friends and family of the lost skiers.