Sitting is Killing You. Stretching is Pointless. Running Doubles Your Memory Brain Cells. Drink Only When Your Thirsty. Chocolate Milk is the Ideal Recovery Drink. Squats are the Best Exercise.


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NPR Story: Sitting is KILLING You, Stretching in Useless, Running Doubles Your Memory, & Walking Prolongs Your Life


Sitting is Killing You.

Stretching is Pointless.

Running Doubles Your Memory Brain Cells.

Drink Only When Your Thirsty.

Chocolate Milk is the Ideal Recovery Drink.

Squats are the Best Exercise.

Exercise Improves Your Ability to Think…into your 80s.

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No matter who you are.  You need to listen to this story.  Especially if you work from your office.

This interview is with Gretchen Reynolds, the author of “The First 20 Minutes.”

“Sitting for long periods of time — when you don’t stand up, don’t move at all — tends to cause changes physiologically within your muscles,” says Reynolds. “You stop breaking up fat in your bloodstream, you start getting accumulations of fat … in your liver, your heart and your brain. You get sleepy. You gain weight. You basically are much less healthy than if you’re moving.” – Gretchen Reynold

Learn more about this Standing, Sitting, Stretching, Running, Drinking Water, Chocolate Milk and this NPR Story/Interview here:  Gretchen Reynolds Interview

Read an excerpt of “The First 20 Minutes” here:  “The First 20 Minutes.” 

  • Kristin

    I took this info to be true contemporary research and I stopped stretching before I ran, now I have ” jumper’s knee” or a swollen, painful patella tendon because of this lady…very upset for trusting NPR

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  • Geriatic S Gurl

    What a load of ****.

    Oh, she writes for the NYTimes. meh. And she jogs. In between posting all these unrelated studies in her blogs, done by university researchers who don’t have any long term experience in applying any of their ideas to actual humans.

    1. sitting is killing you.
    typical east coast obsession with mortality. My hip is killing me. I’m way older than you, and I’m better at this. Get the **** off of my chair.

    2. stretching is pointless
    quite possibly the Gaper Spirit Expert award winner.
    What do they teach you to do in physical therapy, AFTER the injury.
    End of discussion.
    Oh, and stretch AFTER exercise as part of the cool down, and you won’t stiffen up as much and you’ll recover better.

    3. running doubles your memory cells
    running just eventually injures body parts that could be used for more interesting activities. This same author was writing about marathoning lab rats with heart damage last year. Just say no. If we were meant to run, we’d have hooves.

    4. drink only when you are thirsty
    now I know Gaper Spirit Exercise Expert From NYT is trying to kill people west of the Rocky Mountains. Good God, how could anyone say something this criminally stupid. We have temperatures of 90ºF to 110ºF here for 6 months of the year, crackling lack of humidity, and your brain is just not sophisticated enough to be sending enough of the “thirst” signal in those conditions under heavy exertion. Drink, dammit, drink water, or you will die. Do not pay attention to idiot from NYTimes claiming 6 glasses a day are unnecessary.

    and this leads us to number 5 ….

    5. Chocolate Milk is the ideal recovery drink
    Isn’t this creature aware that the majority of adults who are not descended from a small group of Northern Europeans who migrated out of the middle east to the Ukraine and Germany about 4000 -5000 years ago, then up to the UK, and have inherited the genes of the first cattle agronomists, become somewhat lactose intolerant during their teenage years ? Doesn’t she know what the symptoms of that are, and this is why most adults limit dairy consumption to the non lactose forms of butter, cream, yogurt, and cheese ? Milk? Is this for real ? What about snot ? Doesn’t she know that milk makes snotty noses in cold weather exercisers ? And it makes asthma worse in the cold, too. Who wants to be going down the hill farting, wheezing, and blowing snot all over their goggles ?!!

    Water is the best recovery drink. add sugars and electrolytes if you need it. A little fruit. Horchata. Flat defizzed ginger ale. Anything but liquid, puking-baby fuel from a cow. Gaaaah.

    6. Squats are the best exercise.
    Yeah, sure. An orthopedic surgeon is getting the referrals, isn’t he.

    7. Exercise improves the ability to think into the 80’s.
    Who wants to be forced to “think” if they get to that point. How about just kicking back. My spouse has to think for a living. He has been doing this for nearly 40 years now. It is exhausting to have to do this, in a non-thinking world for decades. And he exercises. Eats right. If you tell him he is going to be expected to “think” for decades in retirement, he’s going to take up bad habits just to avoid the possibility of still having to outwit all these upcoming, bright young things which have no common sense and no experience.

    Only if you avoid things like statins, anti- cholinergic drugs, too many anti inflammatories, and those anti depressants, which affect brain function and gut function, that is always getting pushed on to the elderly who make it to that age, will you have a chance.

    • bladerunnerr

      Listening skills are profoundly helpful. Follow that up with a little education and you might find yourself a little less irritated by contemporary information. For example, her conversation about stretching is spot on with respect to athletics and general fitness. Physical Therapy is a clinical situation having different purpose and should not be confused with PhysEd., athletics, sport, etc.

    • John D.

      And I promise you, you have not the slightest idea what you are talking about.

      Start researching.

  • jdubx

    stretch and foam roll and your chance of injury is decreased significantly during activities (not to mention, if you stretch muscles recovery time is reduced significantly). drink water before you’re thirsty and your body functions stay optimal (if you wait to drink water until you’re thirsty you’re already 2% dehydrated……). saying sitting is bad for the body is like saying sleeping is bad for the body, both accomplish basically the same thing: recovery for your body.

    im pretty sure a writer for the same paper published an article saying “you cant lose weight when you exercise and eat badly so dont exercise at all.” derp to the max.

  • Chip

    Stretching is NOT useless.. If I don’t I’m in pain.. As for saying I shouldn’t sit?.. I’ve just finished another 10 hour day of heavy carpentry, I’ve been on my feet all day, been moving all day, my body has been exercised all day and now it is gald to rest.. Shut the fuck up with the bullshit..

  • nick

    Agree with most of it, but stretching is useless?? bullshit. i agree that stretching before workouts is counter productive, but stretching doesnt increase flexibility is surely wrong. weather being flexible is benificial or not? stretching makes you more flexible.

    • bladerunnerr

      In general, being thirsty is an indicator that you’re long past the time to rehydrate. Get water early – not late.

    • Chris

      holding stretches for longer than 30 seconds is pretty useless unless you’re over 60..the first 30 is nice though

      • Matt

        This is definitely not true, Chris. Often it takes over a minute or sometimes more than 3 minutes to override your muscles’ resistance to a stretch. UNDER 30 seconds is often a waste of time.

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