Another Avalanche Tragedy in the Mountains - RIP Steve Romeo and Chris Onufer


(Photo From Steve’s Blog Post)

Our thoughts go out to two more ski mountaineers who perished in the mountains this winter.  Steve Romeo and Chris Onufer were recovered today after a large slide occured on Ranger Peak near Jackson Hole.  Steve was an avid blogger and everyone over at Teton AT and TGR really appreciated the stoke he brought to the table.  Big lines and deep pow from the beautiful Tetons.  We wish the best to the family and friends of the victims.  What an awful winter.  Here is the timeline in reverse order from The Jackson Hole Daily…

1:52 p.m. – Six men carried one body to the Teton County Coroner’s sport-utility vehicle parked in Grand Teton National Park. Seven men carried the second body.


The coroner is preparing to drive the bodies away from the scene.


1:38 p.m. – Parks spokeswoman Jenny Anzelmo-Sarles confirmed the identities of the two victims killed in an avalanche. The victims were backcountry skier and blogger Steve Romeo and longtime Jackson Hole Mountain Resort employee Chris Onufer.


1:27 p.m. – Search and rescue helicopter flies two bodies out of backcounty. Crews will use snowmobiles to conclude work.

12:42 p.m. – Search teams recovered two bodies from the Ranger Peak avalanche debris, parks spokeswoman Jenny Anzelmo-Sarles said.

“Until the coroner arrives we cannot definitively confirm the identities” of who was recovered from the slide, Anzelmo-Sarles said.

A helicopter with a cargo net attached left the Colter Bay staging area. The cargo net will be used to transport victims back to the staging area.

12:25 p.m. A search and rescue helicopter is parked at the staging area near Colter Bay waiting for searchers on the mountain to complete their task. The helicopter has been parked for 45 minutes with a cargo net beside it. Teams are still at the avalanche debris field on Ranger Peak.

11:05 a.m. — A helicoper on a low-flying search of avalanche debris on Ranger Peak picked up two beacon hits, Jenny Anzelmo-Sarles, Grand Teton National Park spokeswoman, told a News&Guide reporter at the Colter Bay staging area.


Park officials said the alarm on this incident was first raised when Onufer failed to pick up his father at the Jackson Hole Airport at 7 p.m. Wednesday night. Teton County dispatch called Grand Teton south district rangers at 11:15 p.m. Rangers discovered Onufer’s vehicle at 12:30 a.m. Thursday at Colter Bay.

There was a 6 a.m. briefing for search team members, and a helicopter began it’s low-flying search of Ranger Peak at 8:40 a.m. Teams of rangers are also being dropped on the ground near the debris field, park officials said. At this point, the identity of Onufer’s ski partner remains uncertain.

10:25 a.m. – Searchers have spotted signs of a large avalanche on the south face of Ranger Peak in Grand Teton National Park, according to persons familiar with the rescue operation.

A staging area has been set up near Colter Bay on the east shore of Jackson Lake. It includes Teton County Search and Rescue personnel, a helicopter and at least one Jackson Hole Mountain Resort representative.

Rescuers with skis and packs are at the scene.

9:30 a.m. – Grand Teton National Park rangers launched a search Thursday morning for two backcountry skiers who were reported missing Wednesday night.

Backcountry skier and blogger Steve Romeo and longtime Jackson Hole Mountain Resort employee Chris Onufer were reported missing when they did not return from a ski expedition near Ranger Peak in Grand Teton National Park Wednesday night.

A Teton County contract helicopter was launched Thursday morning to search for the party.

Check back with the News&Guide today for more details as they become available.


Thanks for all the stoke guys, you will be missed-  RIP Steve and Chris

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  • Kipp Webb

    I was fortunate to know Steve and I mourn our loss. To me, he was one of those individuals, who despite being very competitive and driven, also tried to raise everybody’s else’s game. I wandered into SS’s one day, not knowing him and asked for some help in covering a ski trip to Canada. MY buddy had set up the trip, despite the fact he was dying from cancer as a way to keep hope alive. He moved on to the pow in the sky and Steve busted his butt so I could fill the trip and not default on those who were depending on the income from the trip.
    Pretty cool thing to do for a stranger and his departed friend.

  • Brennan Lagasse

    To our greater ski community, which includes every single human that straps on a plank or two to their feet, try to bring respect into whatever it is you are saying or doing. It’ll strengthen, not dismantle our collective. Emotions run high in our world, especially when sisters and brothers are lost in the mountains.

    I did not have the fortune of knowing Chris, and I send sincere condolences to his friends and family.

    I did have the fortune of hanging with Steve in Antarctica, and following up with him for beta on getting into the goods of the Tetons, which was for surely a treat. This guy was completely fired up at all times, no questions asked. He was passionate, lived life to the fullest by his own accord, and you could tell he was always stoked to spend any amount of time he could in the mountains. He was also just as stoked to get you fired up for your own adventures as well! My thoughts and condolences to all of Steve’s friends and family. Check out Andrew’s respectful tribute to Steve for a smile-

    • Brian Horton

      Thank you for this Brennan, truer words have never been spoken. There are a lot of haters on the site, but dying in the mountains is not something to heckle. It can happen to any one of us, life is short so make the most of it. Thanks for your input and sorry for your loss,

  • RIP X 2

    Not to take away from the story…

    Is this year that different than past… or are they just reporting more of these accidents?

    I cant imagine this shit doesnt happen every year?

  • LePistoir

    The saddest news I’ve heard in a long time. Missing a man I climbed with, harassed at Moosely Seconds, chased in rando races, cheered on and harangued for spellcheck at his blog and read regularly for stoke. How lucky for me to have met him. How lucky for anyone coming after that he left a huge trove of trip reports, photos, gear tips and reviews on TAT. My sympathy for all who are impacted by his passing. RIP Randosteve.

  • pate

    i’m not sure it’s an “aweful” winter, but it’s definitely an awful one…

    RIP, terribly sad.

  • Sigh

    Rip boys youll be missed…It seems everytime I come to check unoffical its some more of our brothers down its getting sadder and sadder…:(

  • holy moly batman

    just wtf is going on?!?! its like this year is cursed with all the accidents of every kind!

  • asiasi

    sorry to sound like a hater….. but every day somebody is dying……why don’t all you over amped machos just wait til next year? is it worth it? really? WTF!!!
    RIP gentlemen.

    any of you grammar snobs can suck a D.

      • Harry K

        Wait till next year? That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Who knows what will happen by next year. You only live once.

      • Ass I See

        It’s not about being tough, it is about living your life to the fullest. As a gaper you should know you can just as easily die on a green O

      • asiasi

        ok guy…..enough bullshit…. I am not into arguing, but to set the record straight I skied in a Scott Gaffney flick…….I am not a gaper…….just don’t think people should be pushing it out there in the bc (backcountry) …….whatever man keep “pushing the limits, you only live once” …..you sound like a dude from Point Break……

      • Local Cat

        Wow…..you really are a tasteless prick. Your comments speak volumes about your character. ” I skied in a Gaffney flick…” “I am not a gaper”. That’s laugh out loud funny. To all other skiers out there…….if you every claim to NOT be a gaper, chances are, you have been one your whole life and not even known it. That is what’s so funny.
        We lost 2 amazing people in the mountains yesterday. We are all grieving. End of story.
        RIP Steve and Chris

      • Mike

        So tasteless. Steve was looked up to by a lot of people on the web and in the community. Just stay in Tahoe and have fun telling all the busted Bay Area chicks at the Chammy how rad you are. Tool

    • Ass I See

      You’re right, lets all just sit on the couch and watch Mr. Rogers. Maybe we could talk about how fun it would be to go outdoors. RIP to the victims, they were expert ski mountaineers and were unlucky yesterday. If you live in the mountains long enough it can happen.

  • Kyler

    Very unfortunate. Condolences to their families and friends. I can only hope they are now skiing the Tetons in Heaven. RIP

  • Daryn Edmunds

    This is terrible news. Sorry to the community of Jackson and the the families for this terrible loss.

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