Cease and Desist Order from Steamboat over use of the term _______ Powder.


Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation has served Unofficial Networks with a Cease and Desist Order for using the trademark term,  ________ Powder, in the title of one of our posts. Heads up to all other bloggers, Facebookers and Skiers out there. DO NOT USE THE TERM  ________ Powder.


*Sorry Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation, our mistake, won’t ever happen again. 

  • Proskiemt

    Chris Diamond doesn’t/can’t ski black diamonds, And the rest of Teamboat, stay classy, see ya at the T BAR!

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  • intheshadows

    The term originated early in the history of the resort when the founders of Steamboat were first exploring storm peak. One of them said the snow tickled his nose like good champagne. The official term for this type of snow, 5% moisture or less, is “crazy snow”. Steamboat is a great place with great snow, good skiing, good folks, and good town. Unfortunately Ski Corp. management is seriously dysfunctional. The mismanagement, micromanagement, and lack of communication at the resort has left a bad taste in a lot of local’s mouth. I think they’ve forgotten that this industry and the term “champagne powder” was founded on having fun, not making money. Obviously tough business decisions have to be made to make any business succeed, but stuff like this is totally unnecessary. Ski Corp. seems to have lost sight of the ideals that made it great. Remember Temple, Fetcher, Werner, and all others who loved this place and life. Don’t take yourself so seriously. It’s just a silly sport.

    • Jordan Schwartz

      I am sorry, but as I had stated earlier, the term was not first spoken at Steamboat on Storm Peak. Barney McClean coined it and at the closure of home ski area in Hot Sulpher Springs, CO, Steamboat asked to use it. They proceeded to trademark it and make a mockery of the term ever since.

  • your daddy

    what a bus load of chumps these guys are. unbelievable. just reinforces and adds too the (many) reasons why i dont ski corporate snow. they really know how to lose market share. fuckemall.

  • nMikhail

    I got chest deep CHAMPAIGN POWDER in Steamboat this year. was one of my top 5 days of all time. snow was light as air.

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  • Bob Couittie

    Don’t confuse copyright and trademark, very different creatures. However, how a term that came into currency in the 1950s can suddenly be trademarked in 2010 is something a court should discuss. In fact my response would be to request Steamboat’s lawyers to get a court order.

  • King.Whist

    Why must American’s sue/C&D everything that passes in front of their eyes?

    Glad to be living in Canada.

    What if we start calling it Sparkling-Wine Powder? Is that all good in the hood, or too close??

  • Wags

    Based on this legal guide I found here http://www.citmedialaw.org/legal-guide/what-trademark-covers , Steamboat’s claim likely would not stand up in court due to an exclusion for news reporting. “Because of the potential breadth of trademark dilution, Congress wanted to ensure that trademark owners could not use the law to silence speech protected by the First Amendment. To this end, Congress created specific exceptions to the dilution statute for the following uses of a trademark: any fair use of a famous mark in connection with comparative advertising or parody, criticism, or commentary upon the famous mark owner or the goods or services of the famous mark owner; all forms of news reporting and news commentary; and any noncommercial use of a mark. See 15 U.S.C. § 1125(c)(3)”

  • Who wants champagne powder anyways?

    Look, the whole point of fresh snow is to cover up yesterday’s hardpack and boiler plate, and I’m not just talking about out of sight. The so called “champagne” powder is as lame as it comes. Who really wants 3% snow?? WTF good does it do? Oh yeah, it’s awesome to look at, until you break your tib fib on an ice mogul buried away two feet deep cause you still feel the bottom every other turn. The general rule of thumb where it actually snows, is If you feel the bottom, it’s not a powder day. If I don’t want to even notice the pow, or float, then I might as well be ripping a groomer. Give me some density with my snow, and f^%$ Steamboat for bringing the douche schnozzle factor to 11. Champagne? More like Lamepagne.

  • feelingzeecarve

    That was a jerk move by the resort, but what I really don’t like is the $99 ticket. That’s what’s really wrong.

    As for Steamboat the town, I love it and so do Moots, Smartwool, and Honey Stinger. Where else do you have a patroller flying off a 100m jump with their toboggan on fire?

  • DirtySanchez

    yeah steamboat, dont ever think of using “cement” in ANY WAY in your “ski town usa”. That is our term so back off! If you want to make a trade and use our “cement” for “___________ Powder ” I will have to say fuck you keep that stupid term it’s overrated anyways.

  • Scott

    Sorry to hear Steamboat has cornered the market on WHINE POWDER. My beef is more with all the resorts that call any fresh natural snow “powder”. In my mind powder is light fluffy snow. The wet heavy stuff that falls along the coasts is just fresh snow. NOT POWDER. I want to see a restriction put on calling anything frozen that falls from the sky “powder”.

  • rickbrown

    ha ha steamboat is so lame fuck them anyway real skiiers would never be there or end up there it sucks. colorado sucks. oh ya so does Utah.

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  • eat my ass DIAMOND

    EL Presidente Diamond,

    YOU have run Steamboat into the ground. You are so fucked up in thinking that raising lift prices during the winter right before the busy season is “IN LINE”. Little do you know, people hate this shit. You close the gondola and main lift on the busiest days and create a shit show. And as a side note, thanks for pulling the plug on the bike trails. Here you go again by the cease and desist order…GO FUCK YOURSELF DIAMOND

    • marko

      You sir, are a moron. Lifts get closed due to wind. freeride trails are being built, you can even seen one under the gondola since all the snow has melted. Go fuck yourself whiny bitch.

  • yobrobra

    newly created page on urban wikidictionary:
    STEAMBOATING” – to f— someone in the ass and not have the common decency to give them a reach around.” see also R. Lee Ermey

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