A closer look at the 2013 Volkl Gotama



2013 Volkl Gotama | Your One Ski Quiver | Unofficial Gear Review


The new Volkl Gotama has long been a favorite in the ski industry.  Undergoing a number of transformations over the past years, the new 2013 Gotama enters the field as yet another great revision.  If the tactfully designed topsheets aren’t enough to satisfy you’re inner skier, the versatility of the ski in virtually any condition should help you sleep soundly.

With a healthy girth of 107mm, the new Gotama offers an exceptional amount of float.  The ELP rocker system (extended low profile rocker), keeps the ski quick and nimble, allowing a smooth and effortless turn initiation.  The subtlety of Volkl’s ELP rocker system is unique in that it allows the ski to perform like a traditionally cambered ski on firmer snow, but still just as floatable and smearable in the soft stuff as other skis on the market.

In the 186 length option, the Gotama serves as a one ski quiver killer for the general skier.  At this length, the ski remains nimble and playful on the groomers, jibby enough to enjoy yourself in the park, and fat enough to get out there an make some pow turns.  It’s not a go to ski for sending it at mach speeds down spines in AK, but rather finds that essential combination of stability, playfulness, and floatability to bridge the gap and do everything you ask it at the resort.  And if you’re seeking stability, they do come  in a 194…

The new Volkl Gotama remains one of the more versatile and solid skis on the market, a park, pow, and off piste ski all wrapped up in one artistically mastered package!

  • Harel C

    What size? Hard to say… I’m 5’8″, 160lbs, somewhat advanced Whistler skier. The 170s are amazing but I bought the 178. In retrospect I should perhaps have bought the 170s. I fell in love with their balance of steep chop stability and groomer railing. (just don’t push the tail at end of carve, let the ski do it’s own thing.) Simply amazing ski in both lengths but the 170 compromises nothing at speed.

  • canali

    what size for me?: i’m 5’6″ tall (168cm) but am a chunky 185….am intermediate…sometimes a charger (on easier slopes) and sometimes take it easy with finesse and technique on more steeper or tricky slopes.

  • Brian the Zealot

    I spent two hours on the 2013 Gotamas (I currently have the 2010 model, also ELP rocker in my quiver) and found them to be a great ski. They seem to have increased damping over the last couple of years. If you have never ridden them, they are pretty close to a one ski quiver, the limitations being white-ice bumps. They carve hard-pack, perform very well in mixed conditions and crud, and are fun in powder, particularly tight trees, and they ride switch well. I have them center mounted, and they still can take a fair amount of forward pressure in powder without diving.

    Full disclosure: I am somewhat Volkl-biased, having four different pairs in my quiver, but the Gotamas span the widest range of conditions of any ski I have ridden.

  • Son of KT

    I have been, for years, a Volkl skier, from carving to powder, supersports to Gotamas etc. but this year I have been blown away by both the Blizzard Cochise and Bonafide. If you really want a one ski quiver (I don’t advise it) these are your new go to skis! Why? because they rip groomers and even ice as well as they bash crud or float pow. Can’t lose!

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