Some cool things to do With your GoPro. There's Lions, Hula-Hoops, Music Videos and Dogs. The possibilities are endless.



Cool things to do With your GoPro | Lions, Hula-Hoop, Music Videos & Dogs ...

-by Lindsay Butler

If you don’t have a GoPro you know someone who does. BUT if, on the very off chance, you have no idea what a GoPro is then let me explain: A GoPro is a tiny, ‘wearable’ camera, primarily used for POV shots of extreme sports such as skiing, snowboarding, surfing or mountain biking. Now we can continue …

Some examples of ‘standard’ GoPro videos are those made by Pro Snowboarder Tim Humphreys:

However the next few videos are made by people who have scrapped the mainstream and aimed for something a little more creative. First, a girl who fixed her camera onto a hula-hoop and, well, hula-hoops with it. This video is awesome but it might make you a bit dizzy.

In this second clip, a pet owner fastens a GoPro to their dog using a harness. This way we get to see the dog’s POV at the dog park, making it an interesting video.

This next video isn’t really a cool thing to do with your GoPro, it’s more like a ridiculously crazy thing that happened to a GoPro, and was amazingly caught on tape. I guess you could try doing this with your own, but things might go horribly wrong.

Lastly, why not attach a few GoPros to your car and make an epic music video?