The new owners of Squaw have created Squaw Magazine. It’s a fancy, 100-page, annual publication about all things Squaw. They seemed to have followed the standard "Ski Magazine" format with a photo gallery, faces of the industry, short in depth resort reports, ski tips, food/where to eat tips, where to stay tips, and polished advertising. The difference being that everything in Squaw Magazine is entirely about Squaw and Squaw’s shops and restaurants.



The All New "Squaw Magazine" | Unofficial Review


Cover of the first Squaw Magazine

The new owners of Squaw have created Squaw Magazine.  It’s a fancy, 100-page, annual publication about all things Squaw.  They seemed to have followed the standard “Ski Magazine” format  with a photo gallery, faces of the industry, short in depth resort reports, ski tips, food/where to eat tips, where to stay tips, recaps of last season, and polished advertising.  The difference being that everything in Squaw Magazine is entirely about Squaw and Squaw’s shops and restaurants.

Squaw balanced the magazine well between having stoke for the locals, great photos for all, info about where to eat and shop, family activities, local’s perspective, and information about all the new stuff going on at Squaw & Alpine.  The imagery in this magazine is solid and the overall vibe it gives off is fun.  There’s even an article about “Save the Chammy.”

What Squaw Mag looks like inside


We wanna know what you guys think about this new mag.  We’re assuming people are gonna be pretty stoked on it.  It’s polished and nice and all about your favorite place on Earth.

Squaw Magazine is available in print or digitally here:   Squaw Magazine

Here’s a quick breakdown of what is in Squaw Magazine:


“Faces of Squaw”

– Robb Gaffney (author of Squallywood and namesake to G.N.A.R.)

– Sherry McConkey

– KT Cheryl

– Julia Mancuso

– Doug Stoup


Featured Articles:

The Survivor – JT Holmes exposee

A Skier’s Sense of Place – Natural history of Lake Tahoe

The Other Squaw – Hidden stashes of Squaw discussed

Squaw Meet Alpine – Obviously about the combo


Contributing Authors:

Jermey Bensen, Jackson Hogan, Megan Michaelson, Susan Reifer, Gavin Gibson


Contributing Photographers:

Hank de Vre, Grant Kaye, Ryan Salm, Grant Gunderson, Michael Darter, Court Leve, Keoki Flagg, Nathan Kendall, Tai Power Seif, Lauren Ross.

  • Son of KT

    Have to say that it’s slick, has good photos, and is undeniably self-promoting. No problem there. Sad part is that most of the contributors don’t seem to know much about Squaw especially Gavin. Also missing is news about how Squaw and Alpine will hook up. The whole shuttle idea is a non starter. What about a back country connection?

  • valley girl

    Nice magazine, awesome photos, cool articles……but must point out an error.
    Page 84, Gavin, your dining review on Graham’s at Squaw Valley states the owner is Graham Baker. NOT! This fine gentleman is Graham Rock and he really knows how to “rock” the seafood chowder. With a 20 year establishment you’d think you could get his name correct. The “oldest building in S.V.” is more widely known as the first home of the Pouslen family. I urge anyone who hasn’t been in this “homestead” to check it out, have a glass of wine, rock the chowder, and you’ll leave feeling like Graham is now YOUR friend!

    • Anonymous

      Word, Graham rocks, and has an excellent staff that treats his guests like family.
      The food is non-pariel to anything in squaw….

  • Anonymous

    Call out about Stoup’s claim of 49 runs on KT. Total BS, He should spend more time taking care of his own neglected children and less time on promoting a false image.

  • Travis Fan

    Good luck on the World Cup! You hit the nail on the head here as did many others. The magazine is very well done and shows what Squaw Valley is about with local talent like Lel Tone and others. Not the fluff of other mountain magazines that have ads for furs, jewerly, and not much good skiing content. There are MANY improvements that we should be happy about that are mentioned above. Oh…and it’s about 10 million times better than the old “Squaw Valley Times” paper. I’m glad Unofficial reviewed the magazine.

  • Travis Ganong

    They Nailed it! This magazine does a great job showcasing why we all love Squaw. It is nothing like a Vail/BC mag as it showcases shots of cliffs, deep snow, and good skiers. I was just racing in BC and checked out their mag and it is full of “super flat” groomer shots, fur coat adds, and high end real-estate! Lets be happy that they did the right thing in showcasing local skiers ripping the shit out of our beloved mountain, and showcased our amazing mountain! Colorado skiing is all about the village, the fresh baked cookies at 2pm, and the shopping….., Hey Colorado what about the skiing! I am proud of squaw for showcasing a rad image of skiing at our mountain! (Not that BC/Vail have a choice they don’t have the terrain that we have!)

    Also they did a great job showcasing some of the locals. The people who live in Squaw are a big reason to why this place is so damn cool! So lets all go out there and have a great season and enjoy where we live. I spend my winter traveling all around the world to ski towns and ski areas, and trust me we are very luck to call Squaw home! I cant wait to fly out of Colorado to Squaw tonight and see all of you on the mountain tomorrow!

  • Snow Monster

    I think that the PR group for Squaw majorly jocked the style of of Unofficial and GNAR. Perhaps you guys should send them a bill and call it “consulting.”

  • Hold on Now

    Whats with all the anti-anti-ksl talk around here>?

    KSL is a Corporate Moster who put making a buck before all else.

    BUT hey, this is America and they have every right to do so. However, we as a community need watch dogs to make sure they don’t fuck the pooch.

    I firmly believe that Unofficial takes a honest look at what is going on and reports on it. Plus they have the balls to put themselves out there as well as to approve anti-unofficial comments.

  • Miles booted...

    Maybe working for a website that constantly bashes squaw and squaw management has something to do with it?

      • Miles booted

        Looks like the magazine was edited by a third party which likely has no idea who miles is. AND the skier in the photo is uncredited.

        Unofficial had a chance to work with squaw and get a clean slate with new management but so far has done nothing but bash nearly everything they’ve done. The YAR thing was completely unfounded and out of context. Good luck to Unofficial if the ever want to do any events with squaws blessing.

        I am tired of hearing all the hate on one of my favorite places, every once and a while this site posts something worth reading, but it is becoming few and far between. With no original content to speak of these days, the whole re-posting of whatever Miles or Tim found surfing around the internet and thinks might be interesting is a blog at best. And the Hot or not, sex or skiing? What is that, market research? The whole website existence seems to be to stir controversy in the name of page views. While that may be a good strategy to run a successful blog, it is not the way to run a media company. I had high hopes for the Kick ass blasters when this whole thing started but it has really just turned into a giant farce. Bring back some original content, write some good stories about all the great people, places, and businesses squaw valley has to offer.

        If Andy is out back clubbing baby seals, surely tell us about it. But as far as I can see what has KSL really done that’s that bad? Allowed you to ski two mountains for the price of one? Brought in some cool shops, possibly some night life to a dying village, and maybe with that a few more women to not sleep with you? Tripled the size of the cookie shop? Brought in full belly deli? Got rid of the ugly ass ticket portals and created what may end up being a pretty cool place to hang out? Put up some fancy signs so you don’t have to wonder/harass ski patrol to see whats open? Brought in SPT to build what will likely be a bitchen terrain park? Groomed tower 16 during Juneuary? Left the Chamois alone when they should be all means get everything out, burn it down and rebuild a place that doesnt smell like crap all the time. Its the people and memorabilia not the building that makes that place special. Just like its the terrain, the show, our friends and heros that make the mountain what it is. KSL can’t change that. Do you want to live here forever as a dirt bag ski bum or have a greater chance to make a reasonable living of a growing economy and raise a family here?

        Sure the GNAR burger was a bit of a slight and they supposedly kicked out Taits and a couple other small businesses that never would have lasted as long as they did had prior management not been so desperate for tenants that they all but waived rent for years. Those businesses had their chance, and when management came asking for rent they couldn’t pay it. Did you ever spend money in any of them? I bought a hat once at Taits. Mamasake, that was some BS but again, that was previous management and in the end though they didn’t get more space for the busy times, they will likely get more business during the slower times and be a more sustainable, possibly year round business. As for Granite Chief, that’s one business I do miss. But again that happened under Nancy. Would like to know the true story of what went down there.

        The overcrowding last year and the cheap passes, that wasn’t KSL, that cat was out of the bag long before. I miss the afternoon free refill, no line storm days as much as anyone. But a few intermediates from Minnesota boosting the economy and lining your pockets so you can buy those rad atomic skis your hero miles is rocking is not going to ruin your mountain. Will there be some negative aspects and will Andy and Co make a few mistakes along the way? Of course, but they have already shown a willingness to listen (silverado) and unless they actually start chasing off the people who make this community great or close the fingers due to liability concerns. I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

        And Miles, I am sorry to hear you got the boot. But there’s a saying, I believe it goes something like “Dont shit where you eat!”

        To Squaw, great job on the magazine, it’s a worthwhile publication. Polished and not snobby like one would expect from a Colorado media company. Probebly to early to tell for sure, but it looks like your trying to embrace the local culture and community that make this place such an awesome place to live.

      • mike k

        It’s December 6th and there isn’t shit for snow in CA. That explains the random and (yes, I will admit) often shitty content for the last few months. What did you expect? Year round awesomeness from a website whose content is completely weather dependent? Content is tough. Nobody was complaining about Unofficial’s content last February, when the weekday-enslaved corporate skiing community got to live vicariously through their computer monitors every single day. Unofficial is rad. They are delivering exactly what every weekend warrior skier wants to see. The whole point here was to build something really fucking cool. And, all you guys: Hat’s Off. You’ve crushed it for us. Thank you.

        Now, with growth comes growing pains. These guys have outsourced some of their content production to kids in other ski towns, so there can be more content, more regionally-specific content. Unfortunately, there isn’t much snow going on right now. So, voila. Some times there’s shitty content on Unofficial. Get over it. Or do what I do: talk shit to the authors.

        Squaw Magazine: Yes. Awesome. Nailed it.

        As far as Squaw being busy: deal with it. California is home to 35 million people. Many of them have learned to ski. Skiing is fun. Skiing powder is fun. Skiing powder at resorts is unfortunately a little less fun now that the relatively unathletic masses can participate, and track up some of the snow we wanted to ski. But that’s life. Personally, I’m stoked that tons more people love skiing and are able to get after it now. It ensures that my kids will be able to enjoy skiing just like I have.

        What’s next? People bitching about SkiDuck making skiing more accessible to lower income classes? Fuck, people. You love this shit, right? Share the love, and get over the hate..

      • Tina

        I just went thru Unofficial’s homepage. 13 of the 26 posts are original content. I agree that the Unofficial original content is the best part of their site and I’d like to see more of it, but I like a mix that shows what they are doing vs what is going on via other avenues of the ski industry.

        Ya know what I think? Squaw = great. Unofficial = great. I think they are fine as separate entities that will clearly help balance each other and I do think that one day – you will see KSL and Unofficial working together.

        Oh! You heard it here first!

  • BW

    I like the Magazine
    I hope Hank or Squaw is paying you Miles after they kicked you off the team and then used your photo.


    Waaaay tooooo Slick – what a puff piece… This Magazine reeks of “WE’RE THE NEW VAIL-BEAVER CREEK” — Alec Cushing is rolling in his grave to see this kind of fluff being used with the Squaw Name!!! If “Unofficial Squaw” likes this POS, wait… time to groom the entire mountain, baby butt smooth.

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