Cover of the first Squaw Magazine

The new owners of Squaw have created Squaw Magazine.  It’s a fancy, 100-page, annual publication about all things Squaw.  They seemed to have followed the standard “Ski Magazine” format  with a photo gallery, faces of the industry, short in depth resort reports, ski tips, food/where to eat tips, where to stay tips, recaps of last season, and polished advertising.  The difference being that everything in Squaw Magazine is entirely about Squaw and Squaw’s shops and restaurants.

Squaw balanced the magazine well between having stoke for the locals, great photos for all, info about where to eat and shop, family activities, local’s perspective, and information about all the new stuff going on at Squaw & Alpine.  The imagery in this magazine is solid and the overall vibe it gives off is fun.  There’s even an article about “Save the Chammy.”

What Squaw Mag looks like inside


We wanna know what you guys think about this new mag.  We’re assuming people are gonna be pretty stoked on it.  It’s polished and nice and all about your favorite place on Earth.

Squaw Magazine is available in print or digitally here:   Squaw Magazine

Here’s a quick breakdown of what is in Squaw Magazine:


“Faces of Squaw”

– Robb Gaffney (author of Squallywood and namesake to G.N.A.R.)

– Sherry McConkey

– KT Cheryl

– Julia Mancuso

– Doug Stoup


Featured Articles:

The Survivor – JT Holmes exposee

A Skier’s Sense of Place – Natural history of Lake Tahoe

The Other Squaw – Hidden stashes of Squaw discussed

Squaw Meet Alpine – Obviously about the combo


Contributing Authors:

Jermey Bensen, Jackson Hogan, Megan Michaelson, Susan Reifer, Gavin Gibson


Contributing Photographers:

Hank de Vre, Grant Kaye, Ryan Salm, Grant Gunderson, Michael Darter, Court Leve, Keoki Flagg, Nathan Kendall, Tai Power Seif, Lauren Ross.

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