This crazy hot September that Whistler is having brought us to Loggers Lake for a afternoon of rope swinging and relaxing.



Hot September Rope Swinging at Loggers Lake

The seasons up in Whistler seem to be a little mixed up.  July was not anywhere near summer, August was pretty good and now we are into the second week of September and it is hotter the August, explain?  I’m not complaining, all the tourists left and now we get to enjoy beautiful weather without having to fight for a spot on the lake. Last Thursday we decided to make the trek up to Logger’s Lake, a lake by Function Junction. Its not the easiest lake to get but because of that is it one of the best.  You don’t have to worry about cops telling you to pour out your beer and people have built a few awesome rope swings, some small and some big!  No RCMP = Rope swings still there!