Dear Ski Mom,

Thank you for buying us one-piece snow suits, ski swap gear, and our lift tickets. And thank you for buying most of it again when we quickly outgrew, lost, or forgot the stuff you just bought us.

Thank you for putting us in ski school, even though Dad said he could teach us for free. Thank you for picking us up early from ski school. The end-of-the-day laps with just us were the best runs of the day.

Thank you for making sure we always had breakfast early enough to get a good parking spot. Thank you for reminding us to eat lunch. Thank you for always having snacks in your pocket so we could eat on the lift and keep charging.


Thank you for teaching us to pizza when all we wanted were french fries. Thank you for telling us to turn. Thank you for picking us up when we did not turn. Thank you for making us ski tree runs so that we were forced to turn.

Thank you for the hugs in the lodge, on the lift, and in the car on the way home. Thank you for being the best part of skiing.

Happy Mother’s Day, Ski Mom.” – Indy Pass Director Erik Mogensen.


1. Erik and his mom at Cockaigne Ski Area in 94′ (now closed)

2. Erik and his aunt at Ski Tamarack in 94′, now part of Buffalo Ski Club—a now private ski area

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