With drones getting cheaper and more capable by the day, its important remind ourselves not to get to in zone and completely lose situational awareness if your rocking FPV goggles or you might end up like this poor chap (swipe right to see the drone’s view)

Italian to English translation:

A few months ago I won the @goproit @gopro #milliondollarchallenge, among the clips that I sent to participate there was one in which I followed a horse in freedom thrown at a gallop! For 3 days we always walked safely with 4 people to direct the horse towards the stables. On the 4th day I asked to shoot a clip for the backstage to the person positioned on my left .. unfortunately this request, added to one turn too much around the horse, meant that when the horse should have entered the stables he discarded right taking me smear. With the front paw it hit the radio antenna, the impact made me go forward with my torso and the hind leg impacted the VR glasses. It was like being run over by a train 🤣 🤣 luckily I came out unscathed! By swiping to the right you can see the clip from the drone!

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