WINTER PARK, Colorado – Jonathan Babcock broke two ribs and hairline fractured his pelvis after a snowboarder allegedly crashed into him while skiing at Winter Park on February 9. The skier, who turned 67 in March, was launched into a tree during the incident, leading to the injuries.

According to Ski-Hi News, the incident occurred on Village Way and the snowboarder apparently came off the White Rabbit trail, though Jonathan isn’t exactly sure. When Babcock asked those nearby to prevent the snowboarder from leaving the scene, little was done.

Jonathan’s sister Linda, who he was skiing with at the time, said she wasn’t able to get a good look at the snowboarder in a police report to the Fraser Winter Park Police. She was skiing ahead of her brother at the time of the incident, turning around she heard a loud “smack”. Though she wasn’t able to really identify the rider, she believes they were wearing a white and black jacket and black pants.

While a volunteer host for Winter Park stopped at the scene, the snowboarder did not. Jonathan claims this was his first time in 55 years of skiing where a collision with another skier/snowboarder lead to these types of injuries. He worries the risk of collision is acting as a deterrent for people interested in the sport.

People are quitting at a certain age because they don’t trust people and so they just say, ‘I’d rather not ski instead of getting hurt.” – Jonathan Babcock

He believes punishments should be more severe for skiers and snowboarders who fail to follow the mountain rules, including lifetime bans, and he thinks that beginner lessons should be cheaper to encourage people who are new to the sport to actually learn how to remain in control.

If you have any leads relating to the snowboarder in the incident, please contact Fraser Winter Park Police. If you are ever involved in a collision on the mountain, DO NOT LEAVE THE SCENE. Furthermore, remain in control on the mountain. And for the love of everything, follow the Skier Responsibility Code. If you can’t do that, get off the mountain.

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Image Credit: Winter Park Resort

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