If you’ve grown around a lot of snow, I’d say there’s a pretty good chance you’ve used a sled to transport things. Whether it’s for ice fishing, wintery picnics, or just generally hanging out in the snow, a sled can be a great way to get things from point A to point B (even on sand or dirt). But sleds are bulky, taking up space that could easily be used for more people or more stuff in your car. That’s where the folding gear sleds, produced by Mike Wofsey of Golden, Colorado, come in handy.

Two folding gear sleds are available through Wofsey’s Kickstarter, the Burbia and the Rambler. The Burbia is the smaller of the two, carrying up to 40 pounds of supplies over snow, dirt, sand, etc. When it’s not full of food or drinks, it can easily be collapsed to fit into a pack or the back of your car. On Kickstarter, the Burbia is available with a pledge of just $32.

The Rambler, on the other hand, is the big and beefy folding gear sled. Rather than a meager 40 pounds of carrying capacity, the Rambler can and will haul up to 150 pounds of whatever gear you need for your next outing. Grilling supplies? Pack it up. Everything for a nice ice fishing adventure? Stuff that in there. Just need to get all of your ski gear to the base of the mountain without breaking a sweat? Easy! Best of all, despite its usefulness and size, the Rambler is just $58 on Kickstarter. Or you can get both the Burbia and the Rambler for $72.

If this is all exciting to you, you’d better act fast. The Kickstarter project is scheduled to conclude tomorrow, March 1. If you can’t grab it today, definitely make sure to keep an eye out for future updates on the project.

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Image Credit: Mike Wofsey via Kickstarter

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