While it does burn fuel to keep chairlifts spinning and the gear you ride isn’t environmentally karma-free, a new study out of Europe conducted by ANEM and ADEME has concluded the greatest contributor to CO2 emissions for skiers is far and away the travel to the get to the slopes.

Greg Hill, a pro skier out of Revelstoke, has taken the issue of travel related CO2 emissions head on by introducing a concept he calls “green ski-cation.” Greg has been around the world during his professional skiing career and has come to terms with just how much CO2 he is responsible for during his extensive travels and wants to create a greener option for skiers and snowboarders.

Greg now offers a 4-day touring trip where he collaborates with guests to calculate their carbon emissions. During the trip, guests are driven to trailheads using electric vehicles electric cars and on the final day the have the option to ski Revelstoke Mountain Resort which is renowned for its electrically powered chairlifts and gondolas. At the end of the trip guests revisit their carbon calculations and identify ways in which they can reduce their ecological impact back at home.

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