Steamboat, CO – Reddit user meandadami has sincerely apologized to the ski they hit at Steamboat ski resort in Colorado. It’s never a good idea to leave the scene of a ski accident (it’s actually illegal). But the reason meandadami gives for his hit and run is one we can all relate to.

“I am sorry. I turned back after I heard you yell but couldn’t stop. I went to Saffron last night and absolutely went to town on their curry. I’m talking unimaginable things. I thought I was fine all day but popped off a small jump and felt a release… not in my bindings. I had to get down the hill ASAP. I tried to call out to apologize but was literally in the process of shitting my pants and the horror and smell were really hitting me.

If it makes you feel any better, when I cleaned myself up I found someone had sideswiped my car, and when I got back to hotel some kids had spilled Lego all through the lobby. To top it off, my bread was moldy this morning when I went to make my sandwich, and my once green pants are now brown.”

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