Riverfront Village is one of the newest luxury residences in the town of Avon, Colorado. Sitting on the banks of the Eagle River, its condos and townhomes provide gorgeous views and is just a short distance from Beaver Creek and a short drive from Vail. It’s an ideal place for the lover of the luxurious ski and snowboard life. If it sound like something you’re interested in, you’ll only need to fork up $5.24 million.

According to Forbes, a townhome in One Riverfront recently set the 2023 record for prices in the Riverfront Village community after it sold for exactly that much, $5.24 million. Let’s be clear, this isn’t a dinky little townhome. It’s a brand-new, four-bedroom, three-floor townhome that includes views of Beaver Creek and a deck where the nearby river can easily be heard.

Oh, and residents of the Riverfront Village community can get access to amenities within the nearby Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa, including a gondola to the mountain, year-round pools, a spa & fitness center, and much more. Beaver Creek itself is quite the luxury experience, too.

The average price per square foot in Riverfront Village has risen 9% over the past year, reaching a wild $1,500. Why have things gotten so much more expensive? Slifer, Smith & Frampton’s Eric Burgund told Forbes it’s because there’s just no more space, of course!

“The One Riverfront section is really the last great parcel in our market. There’s just no more land in the Vail Valley left to develop. There are areas and lots where there’s supposed to be development, but nothing is on the river, has all the amenities of the Westin and is brand-new construction.” -Eric Burgund

Images and virtual tours of the exact property don’t seem to be available on the Slifer, Smith & Frampton website, but this townhome, listed at $5.2 million, is located within the same community and features three floors and four bedrooms.

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Featured Image Credit: Westin Hotels & Resorts via YouTube