One of North America’s most famous slopeside hotels is getting a new pool and hot tub. Yesterday, the Timberline Lodge in Oregon announced that they will be opening a new pool and hot tub next winter.

“Recreating the Timberline pool experience for our guests while preserving the historic value of the Lodge is what makes Timberline a very special and unique place,” said Jeff Kohnstamm, who is the President and Area Operator of Timberline. I could not be more excited about this new page in Timberline’s story.”

The pool will be open year-round, heated, and modestly sized. The hot tub will feature a depth of 3-8 feet, along with water/gravity massage. Guests will access the pool and hot tub from a sky bridge, which will allow Timberline to restore stone buttresses and other features that haven’t been seen since 1958.

The pool before its closure in October of 2022.

The pool was first envisioned as part of the original 1937 Timberline Lodge design. C.J. “Shirley” Buck, who was the regional forester at the time, decided against the pool due to it being in contrast to the mountain activities that they were aiming to attract guests there to do.

In 1958, Richard L. Kohnstamm, who was Timberline’s Area Operator, decided to build the pool. Located at an elevation of 6000 feet, it is the highest pool in the Pacific Northwest. After entertaining guests for decades, the pool and hot tub closed in October of last year.

This looks like a nice addition, but it does look like the pool size is being reduced drastically, which is a bit of a bummer. I do like how big the hot tub will be though.

Timberline is still open for skiing, but the snow depth is starting to look pretty minimal. They are trying to make it as late as possible, but they could be down to their final weeks of operations.

Image Credits: Timberline Lodge

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