I don’t know what the best way to scare a moose away is, but I’m pretty certain it’s not a flip flop. It did seem to work for the people in this video, though.


My mom using her chanclas to protect my dog froom the moose 😂😂 Latina moms are something else #fyp #hispanictiktok #lachancla #moose #dog

♬ original sound – Ashlan Aragon

Obviously this vase seems to be in a persons backyard, so the moose likely surprised the family while the dog was minding its own business in the backyard. That said, let’s all make sure to practice these tips to stay safe around moose from Colorado Parks and Wildlife:

 “Moose see dogs as predators and will attack aggressively

• Consider leaving your dog at home

• Always keep your dog on a short leash and under control Moose are not easily spooked and do not fear humans.

Take photos and watch moose only from a distance

If a moose reacts to your presence, you are too close

Be aware of your surroundings, do not surprise a moose

Females will defend their calves aggressively

• Bulls will defend their territory at all times, with increased aggression during the fall mating season in late September through November.”

Image Credit: ashlanaragon via TikTok

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