“I’ve never seen a kayaker being charged like this. We do have some cases where a black bear or a grizzly bear will bluff charge. In most cases, it’s a defensive behavior. They’re just trying to communicate that you’re not welcome in the area.” Sgt. Simon Gravel of B.C. Conservation Officer Service

Crazy grizzly encounter for this dude who was working as a safety kayaker for a rafting company on the Elaho River near Squamish, British Columbia. Luckily he saw the bear coming and hauled ass out of there. Are there places where they suggest having bear spray attached to your lifejacket?

Here’s how Dave Hugill, the dude filmed it, described encounter:

“So this happened in my office today… A young Grizzly bear thought my safety kayaker Jono looked like the biggest Salmon he’d ever set eyes on. Moms gonna be so proud of me.”