“Night skiing without artificial light: Closing lift stations and the setting sun mark the end of the action for most skiers. Not for Max Kroneck and Jochen Mesle. While ski towns fall asleep they head into the mountains and see them awaking in a new light.”

Incredible scenes from the Austrian Alps where a pair of skiers set forth on a night skiing expedition with out the advantage of artificial lights. Max Kroneck and Jochen Mesle waited until a clear night when the moon was full for optimal lunar illumination and resulting footage is magical:

“Some of you might have been on a full moon ski tour before. It ́s a really special vibe which is hard to describe when you haven ́t experienced it by yourself. With this movie we wanted to capture that feeling of being out there skiing in a clear full moon night. There is not much that distracts you from the pure beauty of the mountains.” – Jochen Mesle