Loving this DIY film shot entirely in Norway over 2 years. Total passion project for Trygg Lindkjølen who not only stars as an athlete in the film alongside his buddy Christopher Lange but also scored the soundtrack. Renaissance mountain man for sure. Totally gritty, very enjoyable film.

Dimmu Topptur is the two year rock’n’roll big-mountain ski film project of myself (Trygg Lindkjølen) and Christopher Lange. It features powder skiing, big- mountain charging, zero informative dialogue, and an all-original rock soundtrack made by myself, specifically for the film. (And Christopher made the soundscaping for the intro on his synth).
We made a deliberate decision to make this film as a passion project, with zero budget, so that we would have full creative control on how it turned out. Both of us were working more or less full time jobs while making this movie, and we pretty much spent all of our free time these two winters filming. 
I would also like to point out that with the exception of some of the powder runs in the first segment (from Sogndal Skisenter), all of the runs in the film are accessed by foot. The whole film is filmed in the Sogndal and Sunnmøre regions of western Norway, and most of the shots are filmed with phones and lightweight drones, making us an effective and lightweight two-person production team in the mountains.
Big thank you to everyone who helped make this happen, and a big thank you to our sponsors:
Vertical Playground
Woolf Merino
Hope you like it!:)