Someone needs to come take their granny home! It does kind of seem like this woman got cut off by the bison, and given that there’s a good chance she can’t walk well on uneven ground, there wasn’t much for her to do other than walk dangerously close to the behind of the bison. We’re just glad she didn’t get hurt. OF COURSE, Granny should have taken steps to avoid this kind of situation.


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♬ Oh No – Kreepa

As always, here’s Yellowstone National Park’s safety tips when encountering a bison:

“Bison have injured more people in Yellowstone than any other animal. Bison are unpredictable and can run three times faster than humans. Always stay at least 25 yards (23 m) away from bison.

  • Give bison space when they are near a campsite, trail, boardwalk, parking lot, or in a developed area. If need be, turn around and go the other way to avoid interacting with a wild animal in close proximity. 

  • Approaching bison threatens them, and they may respond by bluff charging, head bobbing, pawing, bellowing, or snorting. These are warning signs that you are too close and that a charge is imminent.

  • Do not stand your ground. Immediately walk or run away from the animal. Spray bear spray as you are moving away if the animal follows you.”

Image Credit: lifeofadaisygirl via TikTok