For ski bums, the impossible became reality in one of the best winters ever in the Western United States. Some lines that were never possible to shred became skiable, like in the Hollywood hills.

Andy Lewicky has grown a large following on YouTube due to his excellent backcountry skiing expeditions. One thing that has eluded him though is skiing within the city limits of Los Angeles.

Earlier this year, Andy Lewicky, Preston Lear, and three of their friends were finally able to live out their dream. They climbed up to Mount Lukens on February 26th, which has a peak elevation of 5075 feet. The mountain has views of the surrounding San Gabriel Mountains, the city of Los Angeles, and the Pacific Ocean.

Earlier this month, KCAL News spoke with Andy Lewicky & Preston Lear to discuss what it was like to ski in Los Angeles. That interview is down below.

Image/Video Credits: Andy Lewicky, KCAL News

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