After three years of La Niña conditions in a row, the world has officially jumped into an El Niño, a weather pattern that more or less represents the opposite of what we’ve seen throughout the past ski seasons. But what, exactly, does that mean for Colorado? Of course, since we’re still in June, it’s not easy to say how any of this will impact the 2023/24 ski season, but we can still look into the upcoming months and how the pattern has affected the state in the past.

9NEWS Meteorologist Chris Bianchi gives us a quick and easy explanation of what we should look forward to in the coming year via his wonderful TikTok (seriously, if you’re a Colorado resident, make sure to give this guy a follow, he’s awesome and you’ve probably already seen his great weather reports in the past).

I won’t spoil the entire video, but, for a quick summary, southern Colorado tends to be wetter and northern Colorado tends to be drier, while the whole state is usually a little bit warmer on average.


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Image Credit: Chris Bianchi via TikTok