Anthony Lakes isn’t the most well-known ski resort in Oregon, but it has a lot of things going for it. There’s the varied lift-serviced terrain, cat-skiing on the backside of the mountain, an extensive Nordic skiing network, and a growing number of summer activities.

With the Oregon ski resort celebrating its 60th anniversary during the 2022-23 season, they are shifting their focus toward the future. Earlier this year, the Oregon ski resort submitted its 2023 Master Development Plan, which would add new terrain, and improve their infastructure.

According to East Oregonian, the U.S. Forest Service has accepted the new master plan. As is typical in a Master Development Plan, each individual project described in the plan will have to be approved (if it hasn’t been through the rounds before) by the Forest Service.

Here are some of the major improvements that are in the master plan:

New Glades: While no major terrain expansion is planned, Anthony Lakes is aiming to do some tree thinking, which will add two new glade runs. The first new glade will be in between Holiday and Bert’s Run, while the other tree run will be between Claude’s Run and Holiday. This will also help grow Anthony Lakes’ skiable terrain, and also add glades to the ski resort. These runs are referred to in the master plan as being of advanced and expert difficulty. 

Cat Skiing Terrain Expansion: One of the gems of Anthony Lakes is their cat-skiing, which gives riders 1000-1700 vertical feet of powder turns per run.

Two major improvements are planned. A warming hut is being proposed, which would be located near one of the pickup spots for the snowcat. The hut would feature a propane stove, dining space, and a restroom. During the summer, it could become a rental yurt for hikers or bikers who would want to stay overnight.

Tree thinning is also planned in their cat-skiing terrain, which is marked by the white shapes in the map below. These marked areas are currently heavily forested, making them challenging to ski.

New Mountain Biking Trails: With the opening of a mountain biking trail in 2018, which added to their existing network, Anthony Lakes has realized the potential of the growing sport. The master plan proposes six new mountain biking trails. Four of these tracks would be on the front side of the mountain, and two would be on the backside. The locations of these potential trails are pictured below.

Infrastructure Improvements: The rental building, which was built back in the 1950s, is in desperate need of a replacement. Within the next three years, they plan on building a facility on the site of the current one. The first floor will have a rental and repair shop, while the second floor will have a living space for workers and storage areas.

Over at their base lodge, they’re planning to add a deck on the upper level to add outdoor seating. They used to be a deck up there, but it was enclosed years ago.

Rental Yurts & Employee Cabins: For overnight visitors, Anthony Lakes wants to build 2-3 new rental/lodging yurts right next to the ski resort. The buildings would be open year-round.

For workers, there is currently a limited amount of employee housing available at the resort. Three mini cabins are being proposed for workers, which would be located next to the ski resort. The amenities would include multiple beds in each cabin, a kitchen, and be connected to an updated sewer system. A childcare yurt, which would support employees and guests’ children, is also being proposed.

In terms of the timeline, here’s what Peter Johnson, who is General Manager of the Anthony Lakes Outdoor Recreation Association, said to the East Oregonian about these projects:

“We’re a ways off on a lot of it. There are a lot of grant opportunities, and those will have to provide the bulk of the funding.”

The phased timeline that was a part of the master plan is below. The most urgent need appears to be their new rental shop, which they said needs to happen within three years.

You can read Anthony Lakes Master Development Plan here.

Image Credits: Anthony Lakes

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