“First electric surf fin provides 20 pounds of turbocharged energy to catch up to three times more waves.”

Love to surf but feel like the limiting factor to enjoying waves is your underwhelming paddle power? How’d you feel about adding a little boost in the way of a fin mounted propellor?

Surf purist obviously want to vomit but if you don’t give a rat’s patoot about all that, this little device called a Boost Fin gives your board 20lbs of thrust, can push you at a top speed of 10mph and the battery can last for an average surfing session of 60–90 minutes.

Priced at $429.00 USD, the Boost Fin don’t come cheap but the ability to tap a wearable remote control and get a little push into a set may be irresistible no matter what dent it puts in your wallet. Here’s a quick demo video, if you’re interested in ordering one GO HERE: