Being a Yellowstone park ranger may not appear to be the gutsiest of jobs out there, but it certainly seems like it has some hardcore days.

Not a ton of information related to this video, but it was posted to TikTok back in September of 2021 by witchpixie, a user whose bio identifies them as a Yellowstone employee of some sort. It’s not clear who the ranger is in the video, but huge props to them for being brave enough to stand up to three pretty damn large grizzly bears.

Friendly reminder that this person was probably trained in some way to do this kind of thing, and was likely doing it out of necessity, not for fun or to show off. PLEASE, AND I MEAN PLEASE, do not try this. If you see a grizzly bear, follow the necessary steps outlined by the National Park ServicePLEASE. 


Just another day at work #bears #fyp

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Image Credit: Witchpixie via TikTok