Norwegian climber Kristin Harila has climber eight of the highest peaks in the world in the past forty days. Just yesterday, on June 5, she summited the 8,091 meter peak of Annapurna, but she’s far from finished.

According to the Associated Press, Harila now has her eyes set on climbing all 14 peaks that reach over 8,000 meters in a record time of just three months. She’s currently missing just Mount Manaslu in Nepal and the five peaks in Pakistan, including the second tallest mountain in the world, K2.

“I believe we can do it, if we do Manaslu now and the five in Pakistan, we can do in three months. So yes, three months is possible if we do Manaslu now.”

Harila’s attempt began on April 26th, summiting Shishapangma in China. She summited both Everest and Lhotse on May 23. The current fastest climber of all 14 8,000 meter peaks is Nirmal Purja, who set the record at 189 days back in 2019. His record was displayed in the Netflix documentary ’14 Peaks: Northing is Impossible”.

Image Credit: Kristin Harila via Instagram